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The Tudors

January 11, 2013

    ” You think you know History, but you know only the end; to reach the hearts, it is necessary to take it back to the beginning.” The Tudors is a Canadian Irish series. It redraws Henry VIII’s life from the beginning of his reign to his death. His life is a little romanticized, however the important historical elements are preserved.

     In order to make a success, the actors and particularly the main actor do not look like the reality. Henry VIII is played by Jonathan Rhys Meyer who is not physically the same as the king. To attract people, the actors are chosen according to their beauty and not to their resemblance with the real members of the court. Furthermore, the romances are adorned and the political operations are sometimes forgotten. The action is focused on the romances but it’s to show his liking for women and sensual delights.


    The King was at the origin of a new religion. It’s a recurrent theme throughout the seasons. The series highlights the links between Henry VIII, religion and women. In the first season, he is a real Catholic with the influence of Thomas More. Then, when he wants to remarry he decides to promote his own religion of which he is the chief. He takes advantage of Luther’s reform to create Anglicanism. So we can see his love of power and his will to do what he wants without any rules.

    The series The Tudors is based on the reign of king Henry VIII and its successive marriages. Although some historic facts are omitted or  invented and the chronology is not always respected, the work remains generally close to the historic truth.  It is meant to arise the public’s interest so it creates some intrigues but we learn much about his life and the causes and the consequences of his decisions.

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