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Forrest Gump

January 10, 2013

Forrest Gump is an American romantic comedy-drama film. It was based on the 1986 novel of the same name written by Winston Groom.

This movie was realized by Robert Zemeckis.

The cast :

Tom Hanks : Forrest Gump

Robin Wright : Jenny Curan Gump. She is Forrest’s childhood friend and he quickly falls in love for her.

Gary Sinise : Dan Taylor. He is the leader during the Vietnam war. Forrest saved him during an attack but he lost his legs.

Mykelti Williamson : Benjamin Buford “Bubba”. He is Forrest’s friend in the army and love shrimps. He died

Sally Field : Mrs. Gump. Forrest’s mother.

Plot :

Forrest is telling his life to strangers at the bus stop. He talks about his childhood :  his mother had a big house, where sometimes people go to sleep like a hotel. Forrest says that he taught a dance to Elvis Presley so that he is the origin of the famous dance. At school, he met Jenny, whom he fell in love with  directly. Moreover, he had leg braces and many children bullied him but thanks to that, he discovered that he could run very fast. So, he earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama by playing football despite his below-average intelligence. At the end of his studies, he met John Kennedy. After graduating, he joined the United States Army where he met Benjamin Buford nicknamed “Bubba” Blue, passionate about shrimps. They were sent to Vietnam where Forrest Gump saved many men during a bomb attack including his staff sergeant Dan Taylor who lost his legs. He received a Medal of Honor. Unfortunately, Bubba was killed during this attack, it pushed Forrest to create a shrimp industry and he engaged Dan Taylor. After a horrible hurricane called Carmen, all the shrimping boats were destroyed except Forrest’s. The “Bubba Gump Shrimp Company” became, thanks to that, a huge success. After a long time spent fishing, Forrest let the company to Dan. He returned to his childhood house where he saw Jenny. He proposed to her; she refused and left early in the morning. He decided to go for a run in order to change his mind, but finally, he ran for three years and became a celebrity. When he returned home, he received a letter from Jenny which asked him to meet her. There, he discovered that he had a son, a very intelligent son (whereas Forrest had a below-average intelligence) also named Forrest. Jenny and Forrest got married, but she died because of an unknown virus at the time, AIDS. At the end, Forrest and Forrest Jr are waiting for the school bus, at the same place where Forrest waited for it with his mother.

In my opinion, this movie is wonderful. I laughed a lot, but I also cried a lot. Forrest’s story is very touching, and it also proved that you can succeed even if you are different. The part that I loved the most is when Forrest discovers that he has a son, he is so touching. His motto was : “Mama always says that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”, that is what happens to Forrest. Who would know that he would become a celebrity, found a family with the girl he loves, Jenny ? I really recommend you this touching movie.


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