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“The sound of music”

January 6, 2013

I really want to share with you my feelings about my favorite movie : ” The Sound of Music”. This movie is a fantastic musical directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummet, with songs written by Richard Rodgers.



The story takes place in 1938, just before WWII. It’s about a postulant in Nonnberg Abbey, called Maria. She loves music and sings all the time. Breaking the regulations of the Abbey because of her evasive personality, mother Abbess asks her to become a governess at the widowed Austrian navy captain’s house : Georg Von Trapp, and his seven children. The task turns out to be fussy, but Maria, for God’s love, accepts. When she arrives at the huge residence, the children aren’t really welcoming. But with time, a real complicity is going to appear between them. Maria teaches them how to sing, and creates them new clothes in harmony. However these new education measures do not please the father of the family, who is very strict. Maria will fall in love with him, and thus she flees from the house, go back to the Abbey, having the impression of moving away from her duty : becoming a nun. Mother Abbess explains to her that she has to follow her instinct, her love for Georg is stronger. On his side, Georg Von Trapp realizes the benefits of her education on his children ; he admits Maria’s benevolence and of course, his love for her. Finally, Maria comes back. Children are happy and after facing problems with the SS soldiers who wants to exclude them, she marries Georg.

Sound of music 2 sound-of-music 4

The movie is really well made, intersected with singing sequences. Popular songs like ‘Do re mi’,  ‘My fafourite things” or even ‘”The hills are alive to the sound of music” are  well-interpreted by Julie Andrews’s lovely voice. I’ll never get bored seeing this movie! It’s full of energy. Children’s commitment and presence in the movie are impressive. Besides, the musical ‘The sound of music’ is interpreted everywhere in the world ; the most famous places where we can go see it are New York in Broadway, London or even Paris, depending on the years. If you like Julie Andrews, she’s as flawless and amazing in the other famous musical movie ‘Marry Poppins’. I advise these movies to anyone who loves the mix of  music and dance, with mind-blowing staging ! Enjoy !


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