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The 2nd Law

January 5, 2013

One of the most famous British rock bands of nowadays came back in the studio early this year to realize their sixth album. Indeed, after they brought out their fifth worldwide selling album “The Resistance”, Muse had to face the hardships of creating a new album which has to be as good as the last one. With this new opus entitled “The 2nd Law”, Muse has definitely won the challenge as it has been rated number one in the international best-selling chart for two consecutive weeks, a thing that the band has never achieved before.

The 2nd Law

In this new album, the three musicians completely changed their way by getting involved in a more intimate album. The lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy even confessed that he got inspired by music coming from all over the world, especially Asian music. He not only took inspiration from very different cultures, but he also chose to create a really intimate atmosphere on the song “Follow Me” where we can actually hear his son’s heartbeats. The band also decided to experiment with new kinds of music by including dubstep songs like “Unsustainable” or “Isolated System”. Moreover, in comparison to the previous albums, two songs went through a rather big change : they are not sung by the lead vocalist but the bass guitar player, Christopher Wolstenholme.

Thanks to their fifth song on the record called “Survival”, Muse had the chance to get involved in a big international event last summer : the Olympic Games. Indeed, the song was chosen by the Olympic Committee to be the official anthem of the Games, this year situated in London. The band even got the opportunity to perform it live for the first time during the Closing Ceremony. The song, which deals with total conviction and determination to win, has also been turned into a music video. But “Survival” is not the only single on the album : the song entitled “Madness” represents their second single. This last one is a little bit more on the electro pop side with a minimalist sound which disturbed some of the band’s fans even though the song has received great reviews coming from big figures of music like Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay.

So if you have never listened to Muse or are interested in discovering new sounds, I highly recommend you to take some time to listen to it. And if you want to see them performing live, the band will be playing on June 21st and 22nd next year at the Stade de France.


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