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Lana Del Rey

January 4, 2013

Lana Del Rey is a famous author composer singer, discovered by the entire world in autumn 2011, with her video clip Video Games. Her album Born To Die went out on January 27th 2012. I heard about her in magazines and first, I thought that she was one of these women that are ready to do anything to get success and that she had no talent at all. Therefore, to make up my mind, I listened to her single Born To Die and then to Video Games, and I was flabbergasted !
Her voice is like no other on earth, she got this very particular tone, extremely deep and sweet, that contrasts with her appearance of a baby doll. Her songs are imbued by poetry, melancholy, and especially by the theme of love. She has a vintage style, as if  she came back right from the sixties. What makes her so special is that when she sings, it feels like she is telling you a story about her life. Of course, you can dislike her music because she makes sadness a feeling inherent to love. But I agree with her philosophy: without pain, there is no love and humanity has to accept this to live in a better way and stop fighting it.

lana del rey 2

I’m not surprised that she has known an immediate success but I’m afraid it will cause her loss by going to her head. When you know your value, it is no longer interesting to prove it. Artists become famous because they have been suffering and the gratitude of the public heals them. But then, they forget who they were at the beginning of the profession,which brings them to an end.  So I hope she will be saved from this because I would miss her amazing world a lot.

I advise you to listen to the re-edition of her Born To Die album, called the Paradise Edition, if you need serenity and peace.

I also want to say that the media treated her very badly because they did not  understand her nature. She does not have the same voice as Adele or Tina Turner but that is the point : she is not here to show her amazing voice, but to share her fantastic world with us.

I hope that I’m not wrong about Lana Del Rey, but if this is the case, it won’t ever stop me to listen to her music.


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