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The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin – A Rock’n’Roll end of the year !

December 21, 2012

I think the thing doesn’t escape you, we are living a very Rock’n’Roll end of year ! Two of the greatest rock bands ever, The Rolling Stone and Led Zeppelin are rocking the planet !

Let’s start chronologically.

On Thursday 25th October, rock world is on boiling : the famous band The Rolling Stones announced that they would celebrate their 50 years of career in Paris ! The gig takes place at le Trabendo (19th arrondissment) and the ticket’s price in only 15 euros !(19,5 $ !) contrary to theirLondon concert’s prices which reached near 500 euros ! (650 $ !). It’s a huge gap but this time, French fans are rewarded ! Unfortunately I was at school when tickets were put on sale but the concert’s echoes are positive : people who attended the gig said that it was fantastic, with an energy braving age, drugs and all trials that the band has known. The show was short but intense and full of classics : Satisfaction, Start me Up, Brown Sugar, Miss You, Jumpin Jack Flash, etc… They also played their last song Doom and Gloom, which I actually love much : a Mick’s full of energy and a classical but efficient guitar riff.


This unexpected return shows well that The Rolling Stones are not dead, quite the opposite, and both on stage and in studio.

There’s actually another great rock band which is still alive at the moment, it’s Led Zeppelin ! Some time in November, Robert Plant, Jimmy Pages and John Paul Jones released on both big screen and DVD their exceptional concert at the O2 Arena in London in 2007. At the time, 20 000 lucky ones (among whom Paul McCartney, Gallagher’s brother, Dave Grohl or The Edge) had the chance to attend the gig. The quoted trio played with the drummer Jason Bonham, son of Led Zeppelin former drummer John Bonham. The band played a full setlist of classics  with tracks as Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, etc…Even if Bob Plant didn’t reach high notes like back in the days, the group delivered an efficient and stirring show, with an energic Jimmy Page and wonderful arrangements. The few  videos I could watch on the Internet wer really good but the DVD is on Santa’s list so I’ll give you a better opinion after Christmas.


Even if the Stones and Led Zepellin are not very young nowadays , they haven’t lost their rock’n’roll spirit, they can be compared to today’s band and still give dream and good music to the people. Isn’t it the most important ?


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