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Bride and Prejudice

December 13, 2012

Bride and Prejudice is a US romantic musical film which dates back to 2004 and which was directed by Gurinder Chadha. Actually, that is a Bollywood- style adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel.


At the beginning of the movie, the scene takes place in the current India. Miss Bakshi has just one ambition in her life; she wants to marry her 4 daughters : Jaya, Lalita (played by Aiswarya Rai), Maya and Lacky.

At the same time, William Darcy a rich American man is invited to a reception with his best friend M. Balraj Bingley. At this event, Jaya and Bingley will comme closer and William Darcy will be attracted to Lalita. However, M. Darcy is extremely distant because he is not used by the Indian ceremonies. Indeed, there are a lot of colours, a lot of traditional dances and M. Darcy finds that very burlesque.  As to Lalita, she cannot bear Darcy’s attitude because she finds him too arrogant, pretentious and despising of the Indian customs.

Then, she will meet Johnny Wickham which whom she will fall in love. However, she will discover that in fact he was just a liar.

As far as I am concerned, I really enjoyed to see this movie because first of all, I am fond of Bollywood movies and Indian culture in general. Contrary to Mr Darcy, I like the fact that they keep their customs and are not completely westernized; I am fascinated by their traditional colourful  clothes, their rhythmic music and the dances which go along with it. However, even if this movie was filmed in India it is a US production so it is not very true to the spirit of Bollywood.

Moreover, what I have appreciated in the movie is the constant parallelism with Pride and Prejudice. I loved to guess what could happen. Last but not least, this version is funnier because it is like a pastiche and all the features are overplayed.

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