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Jane Eyre

December 6, 2012

This summer, I saw the 2011’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, the movie. I had first read the novel when I was younger and I loved it because the heroin created by Charlotte Bronte is such as a model for everyone.

Jane Eyre

Throughout the narrative, she suffers, like when John Reed bullies her at the beginning of the fiction and of her life. Then, she is sent to a boarding school, characterized by a strict atmosphere, where there is no place for feelings. Later, she finds a place as a governess at Thornfield Hall, the property of Mr.Rochester, the master. They fall in love. But their romance is complicated because Mr.Rochester is married to another woman,a crazy one, locked into the manor. When Jane Eyre discovers it, she runs away. She does not want to go back to Thornfield Hall because she truly believes that she cannot reach happiness. To deserve the life that you desire, you must go through some hardships. That’s what Charlotte Bronte tries to teach us in her novel. And Cary Fukunaga, the film maker, respects this point of view in the movie.

But also,what fascinates me in Jane Eyre, is that she is so human and humble. She knows that she is not an attractive woman or that she is  not extraordinary, and this is what makes her so special. She does not use this to make herself a victim or anything like that, and that makes her strength.


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