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Trip to Thailand

December 1, 2012

During my last summer holiday, I was really pleased to spend two weeks in Thailand, a country with a very different culture from what we are used to.

Indeed, the customs and the kindness of locals struck me as it was the first time I ever went there. As soon as I arrived in the island of Koh Samui, I was permeated with the Thai culture which includes the typical food, the respect that people show to one another, the local dance and music, and the tributes that they pay to the royal family.

            As the flora is pretty wild, some exotic and rare animals dwell there. I got the chance to have a walk on an elephant. It was really peculiar but impressive at the same time ! I also visited the Sculpture Garden which is a really wide garden with a lot of gorgeous Buddhist inspired sculptures, and a few Buddhist temples among which one of them sheltered a mummified monk whom Thai people honoured by giving him offerings. As Buddhism is the most wide-spread religion in Thailand, I couldn’t leave the island without visiting the Big Buddha which is a twelve-meter golden Buddha sculpture based on top of his grave.

            I spent the last three days of my trip in Bangkok, the capital of the country. I visited the Grand Palace, an impressive complex of magnificent buldings originally built for the King, and I crossed the river Chao Phraya which goes along Bangkok and gave me an incredible sight of the city.

One thing that really struck me in this massive capital, is that it’s always swarmed with tons of people and cars, therefore for most streets, there aren’t any pavements anymore, those ones are situated on bridges, on top of the streets.

            I kept a very good memory of this trip that has taught me a lot about a very different culture from mine.

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