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Skyfall, James Bond, 2 reviews!

November 29, 2012

During the holidays, I saw the new James Bond movie named Skyfall. The critics were so good about it that it tempted me  to see it. It promised a lot of action and it did.

Here is a little summary of this amazing film : when the last mission of James Bond turns out badly, several infiltrated agents find themselves exposed all over the world. The MI6 is attacked,and M has to re-locate the Agency. These events shake her authority, and it is questioned by Mallory, the new president of the ISC, the committee in charge of information and security. The MI6 is at the moment under the blow of a double threat, internal and external. M can only rely on James Bond’s shoulders. More than ever, 007 is going to have to act in the shade. With the help of Eve, an agent of ground, he dashes on the track of the mysterious Silva, the secret and mortal objective which he has to identify at all costs.

I have watched a lot of James Bonds but it is by far the greatest, for many reasons. First, M has a role which is more important, because she has a special link with the bad one, Silva, so the story focuses on her and it changes from all the precedent movies. Right from the beginning we feel that something is going to change and that the story of James Bond will be disrupted. The feeling is sublimated by the sound track : a song written by Adele, in which she says that “this is the end”. Then, the good characters and the bad ones have never been so close , interlaced. I have noticed also that the JamesBond’s girls are less important in this movie. The superficial constitution of seduction is replaced by the idea of family constituted by the members of the MI6. And it really differentiates this James Bond’s feature from the others.

I advise you to rush into a cinema if you are a huge fan of action movies, and want to see the new face of James Bond’s history.



One of the film’s great strengh is to adapt itself to the context. The enemy is no more a country, James Bond has stopped fighting the URSS and communism as he did during the Cold War. Nowadays the hero must struggle with an enemy who rises from the shadows. Indeed, he is everywhere thanks to the technological improvement in particular. The scene doesn’t take place in Europe or America like in the past but in emerging powerful countries, in China, at Shanghai for instance. This point underlines an important phenomenon, the globalisation.

Besides Internet has become one of the most powerful weapons of the enemy through which he can manipulate what he wants. However the enemy is not only “the bad guy”, it comes from inside. Indeed James Bond has to fight against his own demons in order to make it to the top. This shows a second important phenomenon: the “individual-globalismus” , in a  more and more open world (globalisation) the person has never been so focussed on itself (as the psychoanalysis reveals it). This film offers an extraordinary visual experience, thanks to special effects as much as the scenery.

To my mind it is the best movie of James Bond’s trilogy whith Daniel Craig. So if you want to spend two enjoyable hours and read the political pages of  the NY Times on screen don’t hesitate to go and see Skyfall.


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  1. November 29, 2012 1:40 pm

    Wow, I actually hated this film (And I’m a big James Bond Fan). It’s interesting to hear your views on the film.

    Here is a link to my review if you are interested in checking it out:

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