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Russell Crowe

November 20, 2012

Russell Ira Crowe (born 7 April 1964) is a New-Zealand-born actor, film producer and musician.

He came to international attention for his role as the Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius in the 2000 historical epic film Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor, a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor, an Empire Award for Best Actor and a London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor and 10 further nominations for best actor. Only with the movie A Beautiful Mind, he got several awards, including the Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, a Golden Globe for Best Actor (category Motion Picture Drama) and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Oustanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. He’s just absolutely brilliant.

My two favorite movies he played in are Cinderella Man (De l’Ombre à la Lumière in French) and American Gangster.

The first one is a 2005 American drama film by Ron Haward, entitled after the nickname of a boxing champion : James J.  Braddock (Russel Crowe) and inspired by his life story. He is an Irish-American boxer who is forced to give up boxing after breaking his hand in the ring. But his wife Mae, doesn’t work either, so they have no money to feed their children. As the United States enters the Great Depression, Braddock does manual labor to support his family even after badly breaking his hand. Debts are bigger and bigger. But maybe one last fight could change everything ….

American Gangster is a 2007 American biographical directed by Ridley Scott. The two leading roles are played by Denzel Washington (also awsome isn’t he?) and Russel Crowe. The film is based on the criminal career of Franck Lucas who smuggled heroin into the United States on American service planes returning from the Vietnam War. This drug was called “Blue Magic”. The detective Richie Roberts who is hated for being honest is in charge to  find who is supplying Blue Magic.

I really suggest you to see these movies  if you have never  watched them, they are awesome !


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