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“Les malgré elles”, victims of World War II

November 18, 2012

I’ve seen a movie last week which really affected me. The story was about the women who were conscripted during WWII by the nazis. These Alsacians, between 17 and 20 years old, had to participate in the war effort. The movie presents the story of two teenagers who are recruited. The are sent to an arms factory. One of them is picked out by a Nazi because of her physical appearance. Actually, at that time, Adolf Hitler wanted to create a superior race with perfect children. Therefore, Nazis copulated with women who had a nice look in order to make beautiful babies. Against their will, of course.

In the movie, Alice and Lisette  are two friends who are forced to work with the  “Hitlerian Youth”  uniform. They have two different personalities : Alice is stubborn and has a foul temper, whereas Lisette is naive and not really mature. Because of Alice’s temper, they have a lot of problems in the factory. Everybody is scared, the work is very hard, so all the girls have terrible wounds. Alice doesn’t accept this treatment. But complaints aren’t accepted by the nazis, except one. The major is more comprehensive and falls in love with her. Thanks to him, they are not punished. At the same time, a nazi likes Lisette’s appearance and wants to send her to a special maternity. Both of them go. It’s the beginning of their troubles…

While Alice is the cleaning woman in this new establishement, Lisette takes care of babies. They don’t realize the functioning at the beginning. That’s why they are trapped. Lisette is raped and therefore she is pregnant. Even if Alice tries to do all she can in order to comfort her, Lisette is depressed. However they take the opportunity to escape during bombardments. The baby has only just been born in a shelter when Lisette commits suicide. Alice will take care of the baby.

This movie, directed by Nina Barbier , shows well the hell that these ladies  lived during WWII. They were dehumanized and they lost their dignity. It’s very important  not to forget them ; as a result this movie is well-made.


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