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When Harry Met Sally

November 16, 2012

When Harry Met Sally is an American movie produced by Robert Reiner in 1989. This romantic comedy was written by Nora Ephron and played by Meg Ryan and Billy Cristal for the main roles, Sally and Harry. This comedy raises the problem of friendship without sexual innuendo and gives us another look on the relationship between women and men.

First of all, the scene takes place in 1977 in the university of Chicago. The two graduates ended their studies at the university of Chicago and had to go to New York to enter the active life. Harry Burns met Sally Albright thanks to Amanda who was the girlfriend of Harry and the bestfriend of Sally at the moment. They made a long travel in Sally’s car talking about their future lives and their experiences about the subject of relationship between men and women. Although, the movie is divided into several time periods; they meet throughout their lives and obsiously they fall in love at the end.

Furthermore, the main topic of the movie is to see how people can hate each other and after all, find in the person a sentiment of pure love and compassion. Of course, this movie deals also with friendship but in a way it’s almost the same. Those two characters were terrified with the idea of falling in love and of being a broken hearted for the rest of their life, because of bad experiences. What the writers want to show is that love can make it through a lot of unlikely ways.

This movie touched my feelings because I thougt it was the best storyline to define the tortuous subject of love between sexes. On the one hand, Sally represents the typical girl, serious, beautiful an talented that we all wanted to be. On the other hand, Harry is presented as an immature man who flirts with all the women he sees just for his personal gratification.

Friendship sometimes hides  true love.

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