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Trip to the United States

November 15, 2012

One year ago, I went to New York with my parents and my 21-year-old brother. It was so exciting ! First, we located the hotel where we stayed at. We decided to visit the famous MOMA. I was a little bit disappointed because it was less big than I thought it would be. And there was such a crowd ! Then, we went to Times Square. I think that this place symbolizes perfectly New York’s mind because  this space exudes so much energy. Lights were all over the place and you could see yourself on a huge screen. It makes you feel such as a little butterfly, you are free, but you have to be careful not to get too close to the sun.

Then I went to Los Angeles, the city of the dreams but especially the city of the sun. The streets are huge, whereas in France, they are so cramped and narrow. We saw Rodeo Drive, the famous avenue known for her shops selling luxury goods. It justifies the superficial attitude of the Los Angeles’ people. Then we moved to a restaurant where you can prepare your own burger and invent your recipe. It is amazing how you can eat all that you want in the US! For example, if you desire to eat a hamburger with meat mixed to cotton candy, you can ! You feel so free of acting like you wish. I understand people fascinated by this country from now on.

Finally, we left this town for San Francisco, our last destination. What stuck me once arrived there, was the difference of temperature and atmosphere with the precedent place. It is by the sea so it felt cold. It was such a peaceful place, and a lush environment.

I think I will always remember this trip because it taught me to exist in another way than I used to live. Culture shocks permit you to reconsider your life and make it better. I believe that one day, I will go back there.


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