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Tetra by C2C – The “Coup 2 Coeur” !

November 1, 2012

Attention ladies and gentlemen, here is the autumn musical’s UFO !

20syl, Atom, Greem and Pfel, the most prolific French hip-hop DJ are back into the studio and bring out their very first album called TETR4 (spelt TETRA) and it’s awesome !

The record is a summary of what the French know to do best : electro with “The Cell”, the opening track and its insitent bass or “Arcades” and its gothic organ melodies, Hip – Hop with “Le banquet” and its unstoppable scratches, Pop with “Because of you” and its catchy chorus, or also “Genius” featuring the cream of French band GUSH. On top of these songs you can add the two hits Down the Road and Happy and you get the freshest and grooviest record of the latest months. Nevertheless you can take the track Give up the Ghost wich is not very interesting in term of vocal and emotions.

The entire record is tinted with asiatic influences which mix very well with hip hop esthetic : you can find some flute or guzheng (a traditional chinese sitar) between busting snare and bass kick. Besides the track F.U.Y.A is consacred to this Eastern Orient music.

Note that their live performances are  unbelieviable : they scratch and mix with four turntables and mixers together ! Be careful you can be taken with legs itching desire at their gigs ! Last summer they travel all over France for festivals tour and they obtained a huge welcome.

You can also check Hocus Pocus, the rap band of 20syl and Greem, which is for me the best French hip hop group, original and positive.

All groove lovers, breakbeats worshippers and all good music enthusiasts in general can rush forward on this record : it’s real treasure I can assure it !

Links : (20syl and Hocus Pocus videos)


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