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Charlie McDonnell

October 27, 2012

Charlie McDonnell is a British young blogger on YouTube and a musician. This 22-year-old star has been used to posting video blogs, also called vlogs, every week since April 2007 when he started his account charlieissocoollike.

He is like an international Norman, basically.

His videos became really famous when he posted his video “How To Get Featured On YouTube”, video which has actually been featured on YouTube’s UK homepage. In only two days, his audience on Youtube went from 150 suscribers to more than 4.000 suscribers!

In January 2008, to interact with his fans, Charlie started a new concept called “Challenge Charlie” where his fans challenge him to do what they want. I personally think his video “My American Accent”  is his funniest video when it comes to the challenges.

( Here is the link )

In 2008, Charlie participated in a video-blog collaboration called FiveAwesomeGuys with four other YouTube personalities, a spin-off project of FiveAwesomeGirls which stopped the year before.

He created in 2010 another YouTube account, charlieissoboredlike, where he posts his videos where, I quote, he “has nothing better to do”.

Charlie became in June 2011 the first YouTuber ever in the UK to reach 1.000.000  suscribers.

However, he isn’t just a vlogger : Charlie McDonnell is a musician in a band dedicated to the TV show Doctor Who, Chameleon Circuit. He plays the guitar, the ukulele, the keyboards, the melodica, the stylophone and he sings.

In 2010 Charlie created along with three other YouTubers a group called “Sons Of Amirals” which isn’t a band in the traditional sense, all the members staying solo artists. They disbanded in May 2011 to continue their solo careers.

He released his debut album entitled This is Me in 2010, the most popular of his songs being “Duet With Myself“.

Charlie is also quite known for helping charities : for example, he dyed and shaved his hair for his 18th birthday in aid of Cancer Research UK.

You should check out his videos on his website here.


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  1. Anneaux Nîmes permalink
    December 13, 2012 3:08 pm

    Great article!

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