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Malcolm X

October 25, 2012

Malcolm x is a movie which came out in 1992. This is directed by Spike Lee. The cast includes: Denzel Washington, Angela Basset, Al Freeman Jr, Kate Vernon, and Spike Lee himself.

It relates Malcolm X’s life story. He was one of the leaders (but the most influent) of the black American movement Nation of Islam : his tough youth in Omaha, his ralationship to the mafia, his journey to jail where he learnt how to cultivate his race’s pride, his entrance in an islamist organization, his marriage with Betty Shabazz, his pilgrimage to Mecca and his murder on Ferbruary 21st 1965 in the course of one of his meetings.

This movie shows how the extremist and violent group The Black Panthers was born to response to the Ku Klux Klan. First, Malcolm was violent only when he was part of the  Nation Of Islam. Indeed, he advocated racial superiority by resorting to violence. This aspect of Malcolm is very well showed in this movie.

Nevertheless, when he decided to quit his religious party, he was the victim of violent acts. Moreover when he came back from Mecca he claimed for a non violent attitude; he realized that the rise of violence from blacks to whites wouldn’t solve this problem of equality : precisely it pushed whites to be more and more hateful, and brutal. Actually, in his autobiography, he says that one of his personal assistant  received the order to kill him. His family was also threatened: indeed they were the target of a bomb attack one night.

This movie relates very well the blacks’ fight against whites, and how blacks were angry on account of their inferiority but also the inequality which created hatred between the two skin colours.  But it shows also at the beginning of the movie that some tried to be like whites because in fact they wanted to have a normal life.

As for me, I really enjoyed this movie. I believe that segregation was a real problem in the United States until the time of the Civil Rights Act, but it has left some scars. As a matter of fact, some blacks are still angry facing whites, and some whites maintain the segregation period with racist comments. Watching this movie we have also to remember that this is a true story, that these men and women  existed, which creates, for my part, a wave of admiration. The fact that movies like that exist makes us realize that we don’t live in a wonderful world, with pink bears, and I like this initiative…!

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