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Flowers of Evil, Charles Baudelaire

October 19, 2012

   The collection of poem Flowers of Evil written by Charles Baudelaire gives a pessimistic vision of the life but the author sublimates the horror by his style. He shares his vision of  life with the reader and he tempts him to go towards the artificial paradises to escape the reality. He summarizes the reality in one word, the spleen. It is a melancholic state which  life obliges us to adopt. For the poet, the only means to be happy is journeys, women or drugs. But this state goes by  very fast and the poet falls again inevitably into the spleen.

    When we read his poems, we can hesitate between the love of his style and the violence of his metaphors. But we can’t deny that he announces a new poetic voice which favors the darkness and the beauty of the style. He destroys the codes of the literary tradition which privileges the positive messages. He thought that literature had to change and he imposed his beautiful vision of the sadness of  life. He didn’t want to lie to his readers. His message is clear: life is beautiful only thanks to the vices.

    I love these poems because I share the poet’s vision of  life. I think that he describes life as it is. It can seem dark because Charles Baudelaire’s style is based on poetic intensification but he describes real feelings. When I read these poems, I feel real feelings because he has the talent to express feelings and to convey them to the reader.

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