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Game of Thrones, series of the year.

October 13, 2012

This summer, a friend gave me the two first seasons of Game of Thrones (“Le Trone de Fer” in French). Generally, I’m not a big fan of series but my friend insisted that I watch the first episode. I was not taken with it, I thought it was a stupid American series like many others. Huge mistake… Game of Thrones is actually a wonderful fantasy series.

The scene takes place in the continent of Westeros. The King Robert Baratheon sees his “Hand” Jon Arryn’s dying. So he decides to go to the north fetching his old friend Eddark Stark, who lives in Winterfell, the snow fortress. After negociations, Ed Stark accepts reluctantly. Meanwhile, his bastard son Jon Snow goes north joining the Night Watch on The Wall, the last frontier of the Kingdom before unknown lands…
However, at King’s Landings, Eddard Stark and King Baratheon must face conflicts of the seven clans which are coveting the thrones and moreover, armies of Khal Drogo, a primitive clan chief, who plans to attack the capitale for the count of last Westeros King’s son Viserys Targaryen.
Even if plot can be a little difficult to understand due to the number of characters and relations, you can follow the series with flashbacks and summaries at the beginning of each episode.

For the artistic part, Game of Thrones makes things big. All exterior scenes were shot in location across Nothern Ireland, Malta, Croatia and are absolutly splendid. All costumes are unique and very itemized. They are inspired by Japanese and Persian civilization just like the weapons.
All together, the first season of Game of Thrones cost more than 60 million dollars and it’s largely justified.
Concerning the cast, it is very eclectic : we meet different kind of characters, kings, queens, princes and princesses, chiefs, widows, knights, guards, from 15 to 77 ! Contrary to other fantasy series, Games of Thrones focuses above all on characters’ psychology and relations they have among themselves. However, it’s also a mature series which doesn’t hesitate to show violence, blood, or erotic scenes.

For my part, I really love this series for its well depicted characters , its magnificient landscapes and its dark and grim atmosphere, like in the Middle Ages.
To conclude, I recommend Game of Thrones to all fantasy lovers who are interested in complex intrigues of alliances and treasons.


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