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October 6, 2012


16-year-old illetrate and obese Clareece”Precious” Jones is expelled from her high school because she is pregnant for the second time.

She lives in Harlem , the famous ghetto in New york with her abusive parents : Marie Lee and Carl. Her mother physically and mentally abuses her and her father has been raping her since she was a young girl. They live in a small apartement and survive thanks to Welfare that Precious gets from the State for her first girl “Mongoloid” known as “Mongo”(who was sent away to the grandmother’s home). To escape from this sordid reality , she created a life where she is a famous movie star , like and respected by everyone.
After the discovery of her second pregnancy, she is  sent by the school’s principal to an alternative school which gathers tough girls from different backgrounds to get their GED. The teenager meets Blu Rain , her inspiring new teacher , who teaches  the girls how to read , write , count and who tells them to write their own story in a diary.


In my opinion , I think that “Precious” is one of the most powerful movies of our time, it’s not only about the downsides of life it’s also and more about how to change your future , your life even if it started the worst way , indeed Precious has been raped since the age of three and no one, even her mother cared about her pain.

The themes dealt in the movie can be debated : some will find it touching while the other won’t agree with the sordid realism chosen by the scriptwriters.

Although we might disagree on some aspects , we can all agree that she fights to get an education and her GED so that her babies and she can get a better life.

The interpretation of the main cast especially Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) and Mo’nique (Marie lee) is absolutely fantastic and moving.




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