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Cartier’s Odyssey

October 8, 2015

Louis Cartier

Cartier’s odyssey is a beautiful retrospective on the story of the famous jeweler named Cartier; it lasts three minutes and thirty seconds and it’s really important because ordinary commercials don’t last more than one minute.

Why does it last so long ? Because it’s full of references to the fabulous story of Cartier and of the persons who contributed to his establishment.

Before explaining to you all the steps of this extraordinary little movie, you have to know that it cost 4 million euros. However, this amount is only the price all the media were allowed to give because the real one is higher than that; Cartier refuses to communicate it. It took two years to realize it and to film all the emblematic places and it is a retrospective on two centuries of creation.

About the seven steps of this “short movie” :

-First scene, we can see a panther in a house which represents Cartier’s family house; it’s the place where everything began. This international jeweler, symbol of excellence and perfection appears thanks to the passion of three brothers.
Our look stays on the panther which will make us travel all around the world.

-The journey begins in St Petersburg in Russia, it’s snowy and we can see beautiful white horses, symbols of purity and present in most of the myths.  In fact in 1907, at the beginning  of the twentieth century, Cartier convinced the Russian aristocrats, who admired the Parisian jeweler, to support Cartier’s company. It’s only the start of Cartier’s world conquest.

-We continue to follow the panther and we can see one of Cartier’s mythic creations like the love bracelet or the Trinity which is a ring in three gold, yellow, white and pink. This ring has a particular story because it’s Jean Cocteau in 1924 who wanted to declare his love to Raymond Radiguet so he asked Louis Cartier to realize this ring. For many years Trinity was the symbol of homosexual couples but it became the symbol of love in general.

-Suddenly the panther meets a dragon, which is Cartier’s eternal enemy. Their opposition represents the man’s duality and omnipresent fancies in Cartier.

-After all that violence,  we can discover that Cartier brought to the western countries the Indian dream. Queen Alexandra of England bought a necklace designed with an Indian inspiration. Don’t forget the fact that the elephant represents wisdom,  prosperity and  longevity. Three words which can remind us of Cartier’s values.

– The drum rolls and the music becomes more rhythmic. Albert Santos Dumont, a famous airman, appears in the sky in his plane, and afterwards there is a close up on his wrist watch.
Louis Cartier created for his friend, a watch specifically designed to be on the wrist with a leather bracelet. This meeting with the airman will revolutionize the watchmaker’s shop.

– This crossing of the landscapes and of times ends in Paris, back to the beginning with numerous close-ups on the panther. Powerful and unpredictable, mysterious and feminine, it is the emblem of the brand. For the anecdote, in 1933, Jeanne Toussaint was named director of Cartier’s high jewelry. For more than 20 years, this woman, friend of Coco Chanel,  who had a fantastic and free mind, worked as manager of the workshops. This woman is really important because she is at the origin of this panther, the real emblem of the brand. Jeanne Toussaint struck all the minds and that’s why she is represented at the end of Cartier’s odyssey, in the character of the woman dressed in red.


-Finally this short movie ends in  a case which closes after the entrance of the woman and the panther inside.


L.E.J : ELIJAY, The French phenomenon of Summer 2015

October 7, 2015

Although we are back to school, it’s always pleasurable to remember what we liked during the summer.


You may have heard about this French group L.E.J composed of three girls : Lucie, Elisa and Juliette.

They posted a video on Youtube during which they cover some famous songs of well known artists such as Pharrel Williams, Rihanna, Major Lazer, O.T Genasis, Bruno Mars, OMI and some others.

But this 12 million- viewed video is not their first one.

Here’s their story:

These girls have known each other since their childhood, they grew up together and studied at the Radio France’s choir . Then, in 2013, they decided to create a group in order to participate in a competition organized by Tryo. They won it and started doing some shows in small cities in France. After this, they did the opening act of Pharell Williams’s show in June 2015.

Meanwhile, they posted videos on Youtube covering Macklemore, Stromae and others.

They did an acoustic cover of Liar Liar with Cris Cab:

Here’s the link :

What is distinguishable is their originality, their voices, their talent ! Moreover Juliette plays the cello which is something remarkable and uncommon nowadays. We are more used to hearing electro and not real instruments.

After their unexpected success with the video “Summer 2015”, they were invited to ‘Le Grand Journal’, a French program on TV.

They  have also been interviewed and said they did not expect such a euphoria.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to see them performing, they are going to play at the Olympia (one of the most famous French stages) on next 13th October.

Last but not least, they are going to release a CD toward the beginning of 2016.

Here’s a link of their video :

Alexandra and Alexia



Farewell Miss Guillem!

October 6, 2015


We cannot talk about Sylvie Guillem, without mentioning her charismatic personality. Known in the dance field as “Miss no” or even the “alien”, she is a rare person able to impose her vision of dancing into the most honorable operas. She began her national career at the age of 11, when in 1976 she was nominated to participate in the Olympic Games of Moscow, Russia. And on December 24th 1984, after a memorable representation of  Swan Lake, Noureev, the most famous dancer in the world makes her prima ballerina. This nomination is historical in the dance environment as she is the youngest nominee as prima ballerina. Sylvie Guillem, the tenacious worker starts then an exceptional career. But as she has a big personality, she does not hesitate to leave the institution which appears as a kind of provocation from the dancer who appreciates to show her independence and self-confidence. In fact, she joined the London National Opera Ballet to be named “permanent invited star”. She starts an international adventure, deeply cheered by her public, incredibly passionate; she will never stop dancing…

sylvie Guillem 2sylvie Guillem 1

And today, at the age of 50, the 39-year-old-experienced ballerina, the unstoppable, decides to put an end to her career. But to give her best in her last crazy inspired instants, she initiates a worldwide farewell tour. She wants to thank her public and  say goodbye to her artistic territory: the stage. « Tout simplement parce que je souhaite arrêter heureuse en faisant ce que je fais, comme je l’ai toujours fait, avec passion et fierté. » (Simply because I want to stop happy, doing what I do, as I have always done it, with passion and pride.) « Parce que je ne veux pas me décevoir, ni décevoir le public. Parce que je n’ai pas envie d’être mal jugée, moins aimée… .».(Because I do not want to disappoint neither myself, nor the public. Because I don’t want to be judged, less loved…) , she declared. She wishes she could keep her dignity and all the strength she gained during all these years. Sylvie wants to succeed her race against time: “Je prefère arrêter avant qu’il ne soit trop tard, avant que quelqu’un le décide pour moi. Il faut une fin claire et nette.” (I prefer to stop before it is too late, before someone decides for me. There has to be a clear and definite end), she specifies. Here are the words of a perefectionist who needed everything to be complete.

All along 2015, she has danced one last time on all the principal stages she has known throughouther career, such as Athens, Moscow, London, Genes, Barcelona, Sydney, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, New-York and Japan with her “Life in Progress” show, choregraphed by Akhram Khan.

On September, 20th she presented at the Theatre des Champs Elysées so exceptional a representation  that the spectators applauded, shouted and thanked her for almost 20 minutes. Crying, she said goodbye after an unexepected tribute from her dear friend: Guillaume Gallienne from La Comédie Française. Nevertheless, she will pronounce her last farewell in Tokyo, Japan on December  20th.  Like in the show, which offers a poetic metaphor of her whole life, she indicates that she, now, needs to go on the other side of the stage. But her passionate public will never forget what she brought to art. No doubt about it, she epitomizes what Paul Valéry said about dancing: ” Je croyais que les pieds de la danseuse savaient seulement dessiner, je vois aussi qu’ils savent penser et même écrire…” (I thought the dancers’ feet only knew how to draw, but I see that they also know how to think and even write…)



The Imitation Game

October 1, 2015

Director : Morteym Tyldum

Written By : Graham Moore


Based on a true story, The Imitation Game  follows the life of the genius mathematician,  professor at Cambridge named Alan Turing, who cracked the Impregnable and unbreakable Enigma code used in electrical encoding machines by the Nazis throughout World Ward II.

Introducing Alan Turing credited as : “The father of Computer” 


This legendeary mathematician and scientist, lay the foundation of computing revolution, without him there would be no such things as Apple and Google.

 A tragic and unfair end:

Alan Turing was arrested and brought to trial on “5 March 1952 after the police learned of his sexual relationship with a young Manchester man.At the time homosexuality was illegal and cruelly punished. Thus, rather than going to prison he accepted reluctantly, for the period of a year, hormonal therapy i.e a chemical castration ( injections of oestrogenes) to ” cure him of his homosexual pre-election” ( pretty repellent right?) . He then committed suicide in 1954 with cyanide.

The character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch ( Tv Show Sherlock ( very recommended, you must see it) , Star treck into Darkness and  The Hobbit  )

Alan’s Turing Team:

Alan is welcomed to Enigma alongside five others, including Peter Hilton, Joan Clarke, Hugh Alexander, Allan Leech

3-The labor team

  How does an Enigma machine work? :

Practical and complex. Every night at midnight, the Germans refresh the settings because they intercept their first message every single morning at 6am. Thus the code breakers only have 18 hours a day to crack the code before it changes; they must start from scratch every day. This means that there are possibilities and it will take 20 million years to try everything. Find out how they managed to crack it by watching the movie…

4- Turing's machine

My personal opinion about the movie:

Alan Turing saved 14 million lives and shortened the War World II of two years. I was shocked to see how the government treated him and that the legendery Wintson Churchill did not recognize his influence and major impact on History. Benedict Cumberbatch‘s work as mathematician codebreaker  is among the best of the years. This actor is clearly good at playing complex geniuses, first Sherlock and now him. Morten Tyldum couldn’t choose better than him . Benedict Cumberbatch offers us a complex, convincing character in a inhuman world of pessimistic people. The Imitation Game reflects the greatness of human achievement and the capabilities of the love in us all. The actors bring the writing to life which helps the director. The directing and editing of time periods is precise and helps us sympathize with Alan Turing and characters like him. The movie is a showcase for the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley( a very underrated actress in the entertaining industry) . It assembles an amazing cast of supporting characters. The film works on all levels , moving, entertaining,  and keeps us on tenterhooks from the very beginning to the last scene.

This is a biopic that respects and pays tribute to these characters by showcasing their achievements that have marked us all. This film is great because they took someone’s real life and made an entertaining movie out of it.


Rock en Seine 2015

September 30, 2015

The 13th edition of Rock en Seine welcomed more than 120 000 people this year ! This is not very surprising thanks to all the great artists that were programmed. People had the chance to see very popular groups such as The Libertines, Kasabian or The Chemical Brothers but this edition was also an opportunity to discover talented singers like John Butler or Benjamin Clementine.

The festival started on 28th  August under the sun with an amazing show by John Butler Trio. John is a talented Australian musician who plays pop/folk music. He composes all of his songs, sings, plays the guitar and the banjo. He arrived at 5pm and did a performance that everyone can remember. His permanent smile and his kindness touched the public that asked for more at the end of every song. After 50 minutes of playing, he left the scene to allow Benjamin Clementine to start.

Benjamin Clementine was at the heart of the discussions. “Is Rock en Seine a good place for him ?” “Does his music correspond to the atmosphere of this festival ?”. Indeed, this ex homeless has been discovered this year with his first album called “At Least for Now”. Even though he has his own musical universe, his perfomance was a little bit long. All his songs seemed to be the same.

After him, the FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) brought back some energy and did a very pleasant show. Franz Ferdinand did his famous song “Take me Out” that every one enjoyed.

At 11pm arrived the headline of the first day : Kasabian. The British Band played their last album “48:13” while they were jumping and running evry where on the stage. Many fans in the front row went crazy for their delight.


The second day started with the Marina and the Diamonds’ show. It was her first show in a French festival and we can guess that this is not going to be the last ! The young girl has a very pop universe with planets and asteroids as scenery. It was really enjoyable to see all her energy !

After her, the Stereophonics began on the biggest stage with a pleasant show; however it didn’t strike people’s minds who were here to see The Libertines.

The next artist was Etienne Daho. Unfortunately for him there weren’t so many people. Some fans said that Rock en Seine wasn’t a place for him, he would have been better in a small concerthall.

And then, the headlist of the whole festival came. Pete Doherty’s group, The Libertines, fired Rock en Seine. Nevertheless, before the show started, every one was afraid or bet that Pete Doherty would be too high to perform. However, he seemed to be in good shape and did correctly the show with his friend Carl Barat. The two Englishmen sang for one hour and a half and offered to the fans one of their greatest recent shows!


For the last day, the festival-goers had the opportunity to discover the new band Jungle. Composed of two keyboard-headsingers and two singers-dancers, this band was one of the most dynamic of  all the festival. Even with the heatwave on our heads, they made us want to dance with them !

At 8pm, every one was waiting for the popular group, Tame Impala. The psychedelic Australian band did a show up to the level with their three albums. All the fans went crazy and some of them didn’t hesitate to cross the gate, trying to go on stage. Nonetheless, Tame Impala was one of the most relaxing gigs between Jungle or The Chemical Brothers.

Just before The Chemical Brothers we could hear Alt-J. Even though they were not playing on the biggest stage, the huge crowd was there. The Indie-rock band arrived with ambience lights that illustrate very well their type of music.

The 13th edition of the festival ended up with The Chemical Brothers. This techno group did a show that only deaf and blind people could afford. The music was so loud with the stroboscopic lights that it was almost unbearable in the front row. Indeed, many people fainted because of this…


However, this edition allowed to discover many groups and artists and I think that nobody can wait until August 2016 !

See you next year !


Weather Festival 2015

September 29, 2015

We are near  Paris, in Vincennes where  the third edition of the famous French techno festival, Weather festival is taking place this year.

The weather festival gathers many of the main DJs in the world in house music , techno or deep.

The weather festival was created and supported by the Concrete group including Adrien Betra, Aurelien Dubois and Brice Coudert. By creating Concrète in Paris, those men and women wanted to give Paris a brand new face and try to put it on an equal footing with Berlin which is considered  as the “Mecca” in the techno-sphere .

Concrete is happening once or twice a week in Paris on a barge on the Seine where people and music addicts are gathered to enjoy the music for more than ten hours; parties usually last from 10pm to 7am and on Sundays from 7am to 1am the next Monday.

We are on Friday 4th June in the evening, it is 10pm and I enter with some friends the festival which has begun since 6pm and the sun is going down on the Bois de Vincennes. The road is long you have to walk 25mn after going out of the subway but once arrived you totally forget that you walked a lot. The surprise is complete. I discover the four stages named autumn, winter , spring and summer. On these stages during the festival, the hotter the season, the groovyier the music is  and the colder the season, the harder the music is. For example, on the one hand you can listen to Motor City Drum Ensemble also called MCDE on the summer stage where the music is joyful and a bit disco and on the other hand on the Winter stage you can listen to Len faki who usually plays loud techno music.

It’s 10pm, my friends and I enter the Weather Festival. As is happens, the weather is hot and the sun is about to come down to give way to the night which will be long…


weather festival timetable

The night begins with MCDE on the summer stage from 11pm to aproximately 1am. The crowd is hot so is the music. The music matches techno and disco which sounds very joyful. I am at the first row near to the surrounding walls and I enjoy the music.

Here is an extract frpm the 2014’s edition

It’s 1pm and it’s time to move to another stage but , thanks to the organizers, Len Faki and Ben Klock are playing right at the same time. We decide to move to The autumn stage first where Ben Klock is playing his loud techno from 1pm to 4pm and then to the winter stage to see Len Faki.

We are once again in the first row near  the surrounding walls but this time the music is higher and the spotlights are moving everywhere and often right in our faces which is really impressive with the music so loud.

It’s 3pm and I am now blind and deaf but happy. We move to the winter stage to see Len Faki until 4pm. The music is loud the crowd is hot and the German dj plays his loud techno as usual. There is a screen behind him made of neons of different colours and we can see different shapes according to the music , I am just amazed.

We leave the winter stage and we go to the “dining room” where there are some food-trucks.

Once we have eaten, we wait for Jeff Mills who plays at the autumn stage from 6 to 8am like the Driver who plays at the same time on the winter stage. The sun is rising upon the Bois de Vincennes and the sound is still very loud.

At 7pm we are so tired that we decide to go back home after this long and beautiful night.

I really hope that I will make it again next summer.


The Traditional Portuguese Pastery: Pastel de Nata

September 23, 2015

Being Portuguese means that you HAVE to like, or even love, Portuguese food, and especially Portuguese pastries. That’s why I chose to introduce you today the most popular one: “o Pastel de nata de Belém”. This pastry is presented as a custard tart, and you probably already know that cream, known as “natas” in Portuguese, is almost in every dish. Before giving you the top secret recipe, let’s start with a few historical elements.

At the beginning of the 19th Century, in Belém, right next to the ‘Mosteiro dos Jeronimos’ (the Heironymite Monastery), there was a sugar cane refinery linked to a small general store. As a result of the liberal revolution of 1820, all Convents and Monasteries in Portugal were shut down in 1834. In an attempt to survive, someone from the monastery offered sweet pastry for sale in the shop. These pastries quickly became known as ‘Pasteis de Belém’.

Die typisch portugiesische Architektur am Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Lissabon, Portugal vereint Elemente der Spätgotik und Renaissance miteinander

At that period, the area of Belém was still far from the historical city of Lisbon, so the shop could be reached by steam-boats. Thanks to the Monastery and the Torre of Belém (the Belém Tower), that were attractive places for visitors, the store quickly became known, and tons of visitors gathered around it to buy one or several pasteis.

torre de belem

pasteleria de belem


In 1837, the baking of the ‘Pasteis de Belém’ began in buildings joined to the refinery, following the ancient ‘secret recipe’ from the Monastery. The pastry still remains unchanged.

pastel de nata


  • 400g of puff pastry
  • 250g of sugar
  • 500ml of milk
  • 1tbs flour
  • 6 egg yolks
  • lemon zest (optional)
  • iced sugar
  • cinnamon (optional)


For the Pastry:

Roll the pastry out into an oblong, then roll along its length into a sausage. Cut into equal slices and put one in each hole in a patty tin. Squash the pastry inside the tin (easier with wet fingers). Press with your thumbs from the bottom to the sides so the pastry is thinner at the bottom. Put the tins in the fridge while you work on the filling.

For the Filling:

Mix the flour in the cold milk and pour into a pan. Mix and bring to boil, whisking all the time. If you like it you can add a bit of lemon peel.

Remove from the heat and add the sugar (previously boiled with some water to ‘soft ball’ stage, or rather, boil it for about ten minutes and don’t let it colour).

Allow the mixture to cool down, then add the yolks and beat well. Pour into the pastry cases straight from the fridge and put it in the pre-heated oven at 230°C.

Cook for about 15 minutes, and then watch them until the pastry is golden and the custard turns dark brown in patches.

Remove from the oven, and allow to cool in the tins, but tap the tins first, so they don’t stick.

Eat slightly warm, sprinkled with iced sugar and/or cinnamon (as you like) on top, as is traditional in Pastéis de Belém.

I suggest that you share some of these pastries with your family and friends around a cup of coffee or a nice cup of tea. :)



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