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Actresses in Hollywood dealing with sexism

February 25, 2017

Sexism is a world and universel issue but here we will focus on sexism in Hollywood. Indeed this enthusiasm for feminism really got its affirmation around the year 2014 when actresses started denouncing pratices and recurrent sexist attitudes in the Hollywood cinema industry. For example actresses denounce the fact they are less paid than male actors.


Moreover, even well-recognized actresses like Jennifer Lawrence have difficulties proposing ideas for the picture and when they do they are called “brats”. We can also mention that the percentage of female directors is around 6% only. Moreover, it is really normal for a male actor to choose his partner on screen whereas the opposite never happens. Another practice is that actresses have undergone for a long time the selection on physical appearence telling them they were not pretty enough or too old to play the lover of a man for intance. They suffered from stereotyped characters like the stupid blond or the ugly one, never having strong and singular roles of normal women. The actress Maggie Gyllenhal said a word about it : “There are things that are really disappointing about being an actress in Hollywood that surprise me all the time,” the actress said. “I’m 37 and I was told recently I was too old to play the lover of a man who was 55. It was astonishing to me. It made me feel bad, and then it made me feel angry, and then it made me laugh.” As public personalities they started using their listened voice to give a message and change things.


First, we cannot talk about feminism whitout naming the great figure of Emma Watson who became an ambassador in the United Nations for the campaign “He for She” which was supported by many famous people. As many personalities find a cause to defend, she found hers : defending gender equality in all its forms and everywhere.

More specifically, in Hollywood, actresses like Meryl Streep or the singer Beyonce defined the term feminism and showed it was not a hate of the opposite sex but just wanting gender equality without any conditions but just because it should be normal.


In 2015, during the Oscar ceremony, Patricia Arquette, as she received the Oscar for best female in a leading role (for Boyhood), started her speech thanking, like usual, people around her and then proclaimed : “To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America.”


So, these past few years, we saw big changes, with a cinema more engaged in this cause; we can take the example of the movie The Suffragettes,  telling the story of these women who fought for the right to vote. Doing this movie didn’t change the condition of the female actress of course but it was a way to use the 8th art to remind people that women’s rights are human rights. We also noticed this change in comedies with for example Amy Shumer or Lena Dunham who destroyed the expected stereotypes of characters in comedies showing women with strong personalites, removed from their complexes or even better, assuming them. This type of characters are stronger than the old stereotypes and every woman can identify with them; in a way women have been able to free their speeches which used to be censored as being unsuitable for women (“women shouldn’t talk about that”).

In a word, these last years, women have decided not to accept the stereotypes of the perfect lady we used to see everywhere. This is partly thanks to the change in the image of women in the cinema and through celebrities. Now women proudly affirm to be feminist and they can because they are right to do so.


Harry Styles X Another Man

February 23, 2017

Throughout his career, Harry Styles, has remained somewhat shrouded in mystery: aside from the publicity that surrounds One Direction, he is surprisingly aloof. Now, he is embarking on a career of his own – as both an actor and a solo musician – and he has turned to Another Man to celebrate his independence.

Harry Edward Styles, thanks to this magazine, reveals to the world his role-models who inspired him to become the person he is today. Being in One Direction made him hide his true personality, that is to say, to look like the other members (like a perfect British boyband)- to please the fans.

“It became immediately apparent that there was so much more depth to him than to your regular boyband star, so we thought, let’s make it all about him.” said  Alister Mackie, founder of the magazine in 2005, and now its creative director. It led to an issue that revolves around Styles,  from three cover stories, each an immersion into a different facet of his persona, to an intimate archive of his personal memorabilia. Thus,  in one cover he looks a little punky. In another he’s a turtle-necked-1960s singer-songwriter. And in another he’s a long-haired-1970s rocker.


First of all, the team of Another Man travelled to Styles’ hometown of Cheshire with the famous photographer Alasdair McLellan. Indeed, they went to Harry’s school, the bakery he used to work in before XFactor and his favorite pub. During the interview, Styles revealed how he still finds peace in his childhood town with Paul McCartney. “My parents still live where I grew up so that’s one of the places for me where I feel like I disappear the most,” Harry says.The two singers then explained struggling with breaking off from a band and finding their own writing styles.



During the photoshoot, Styles visited Mackie’s Shoreditch studio to rifle through the book, this time filled with pop star portraits and ephemera, Mick Jagger and John Lydon, and copies of Oh Boy! – a seventies’ pop-meets-punk version of Smash Hits.


As a conclusion, this article is his way of drawing a line between Harry Styles: the guy from One Direction, and Harry Styles: the solo artist, and future actor. Indeed, Harry said “I’ve always wanted to explore but I was busy with the band so I never felt I had time to do it the right way. When we took some time off, I thought I’d see if it might work. It’s a challenge, but it feels good to be out of my comfort zone.”
In fact, the pop star is going to turn in the movie Dunkirk which will be realeased on July 21, 2017. Dunkirk focuses on World War II’s biggest rescue operation, the 1940 evacuation of some 338,000 Allied troops from the shores of Northern France after they were surrounded by Adolf Hitler’s invading Nazi forces. This movie is a sort of revival for him, to show the world a different aspect of his personality.



Demain tout commence

January 30, 2017


Demain tout commence is a French movie released by Hugo Gélin on December, 7th 2016. The famous French actor Omar Sy has the lead role, Samy, and plays next to the young new actrice Gloria Colston and Clémene Poésy.


actors-director-demain-tout-commence                    Hugo Gélin                        Omar sy                               Clémence Poésy                  Gloria Colston


Samuel lives a life without any ties or responsibilities, at the water’s edge, in the South of France, next to people he loves and works without too much pain, until the day when one of his old conquests leaves him a baby : Gloria, his daughter. Incapable of taking care of her and determined to give her back to her mother, he goes to London to try and find her, without any success. Eight years later, while Samuel and Gloria have settled down in London and become inseparable, Gloria’s mother comes back in their life to take her daughter back.


Public’s opinion

Most of the critics are positive. Indeed, people were nicely surprised by the capacity to pass from tears to laughter easily. At the beginning it’s more a comedy, a funny movie but then there is an important dramatic aspect, it becomes a deeply touching movie with a lot of emotions.

However, there are also some negative critics. In fact, some people slag the movie off because of too much artifice which don’t allow true and deep emotions.


Press reviews:

Reviews are also mostly positive : reporters noticed the freshness brought to the French cinema; they appreciated the idea, the funny and also dramatic aspect of the movie, how the director juggled with those genres. Journalists were just here to have a  good time and not go to too much trouble.

Nevertheless, there are still some awkwardness with the directing, and some hesitations between laughter and tears.






Teenage music bands

January 28, 2017

Nowadays, a lot of teenagers like to create their own rock bands in which they play their instruments. In many cases the band  is composed  of a singer, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  This can help to improve their musical skills. Moreover, for me this is a way to escape from the school life and all its problems, because when they are playing music, there are in their world and they are just thinking of creating songs and having fun with some friends. Having a band could also help their self-confidence because then they can succeed in what they do and their work can be rewarded. They are, indeed,  proud when they show their work to other people.

In France,  a kind of festival exists for the teenage bands (amateur) this is called Emergenza. The winner gets the chance to participate in the international  festival  which takes place in Germany.


Here is an example of a music created by a French band named the Shuttles :

French people like to write in English so their creation can help them improve their learning of this foreign language. They can also work on their stress by playing in concert in front of hundreds of people. Personally I think that this is really a great thing to do when you are in high school or in college for example because that could permit you to escape from life. The only disadvantage is maybe the fact that this requires a lot of time; time that you need for work.


Horse riding

January 26, 2017

Horse riding, also known as equestrianism is often just considered  as an activity. In fact horse riding gathers a lot of different things. Indeed, we can ride only for pleasure in the woods, for example, or on the beach with a friend or with family.


What is good in riding is that you are in symbiosis with the horse and you learn how to control this great animal and to get a good relation with him. In the “classical” equestrianism, you have the dressage: you have to do some figures with your horse and you learn to know him more. That is the most important thing in this discipline. You also have the jumping. It is maybe the most famous one. When you jump you have the feeling of having wings. It is amazing because you get a lot of adrenalin. To finish, a third discipline exists that is considered as the most dangerous one because you have a lot of speed in a grand space. It is the most impressive to watch and to do. This is the cross. The three disciplines are represented in competition by the name of three-day event (cross, jumping and dressage).


A lot of people don’t understand that horse riding is a real sport. For them, the horse is doing all the work. That is absolutely not the case. This is a very technical sport. You have to think of everything: your gaze, your attitude and especially your back or your arms, the position of your legs; you use them a lot… Moreover, we have to keep in mind that it is a dangerous sport (particularly in cross) and that we have to be protected by some special clothes and a helmet.


In Rio, in 2016, took place the Olympic Games and in horse riding the French won a lot of prices such as the gold medal in three-day event (in team), in jumping (in team) and a silver medal in three-day event in individual for the young Astier Nicholas.  We can hope that these victories will help to create some attractivity to the sport and a kind of recognition of the fact that equestrianism is a real sport.






January 24, 2017

I chose to write an article about MS MR because it is my favorite band of all time ! I actually first discovered them thanks to Game of Thrones‘s season 3 trailer which used one of MS MR‘s best songs called ”bones”.


MS MR (pronounced Miss Mister) is an Indie pop, alternative rock, dream pop and dark wave duo composed of lead singer Lizzie Plapinger and pianist and musician Max Hershenow. The duo is almost always accompanied by drummer Zach Nicita and guitarist David Lizmi, who have become very close to them, so they could be considered as members of the band.

Lizzy and Max met at Vassar college in New York, a liberal art college. They know each other from  a class they had together but first spoke to each other thanks to their common friends. Max and Lizzy then discovered they had a lot in common and especially their love for music and art and their desire to create their own music.



The two students continued their studies but started writing together and composing new melodies leading to the birth of the duo MS MR. Lizzy and Max then quickly became best friends.

In parallel to that, Lizzy is the co-owner of an important record label, with her other best friend Derek, called Neon Gold Records. Neon Gold Records helped some artists reveal themselves to the large public, such as Ellie Goulding , Gotye or even Tove Lo.



The two students continued their studies but started writing together and composing new melodies leading to the birth of the duo MS MR. Lizzy and Max then quickly became best friends.

What I love about MS MR is their wide range of kinds of songs. Indeed, they can make sad or calm songs as they can make joyful or more energetic songs.  Moreover, the melodies of their songs are always beautiful; they always make me feel strong emotions and they’re always sophisticated and well-wrought. The lyrics are also something  I like about MS MR‘s songs because they’re written for sensitive people as they often talk about love, relationships with people, weaknesses, strengths…

Furthermore, the duo’s fashion style is quite original and unique, which I love about them ! Indeed, both Lizzy and Max dress differently from other artists I’ve seen and know as they don’t have fashion counselors who  advise them what to wear and as they even make their own clothes. Indeed, they don’t care about other people’s opinion and judgment and just wear whatever they like.


To conclude, I can say that MS MR is, in my opinion, an excellent band for their music of course, but also for their live performances that are always very dynamic and energetic. Indeed, if you ever go to a MS MR concert you will for sure feel that the band and especially Max and Lizzy love doing what they do and want the crowd to have as much fun as they’re having, which, to me,  is what makes concerts so great.  Plus, the interaction between the band and the fans is always what I look forward to in a concert and MS MR definitely makes an effort to make us feel like we’re close to them and that we’re going to have an awesome night together !




New kind of taxi in Paris

January 21, 2017


Next spring, a new kind of taxi is about to come out in Paris. Those taxis will be on the Seine, the river that crosses Paris. They are called “bubbles”, and will allow us to cross Paris faster and cheaper than with a traditional taxi. Flying cars are not sci-fi anymore.

They will allow four passengers plus one driver in it. Under the body, there will be two wings propulsed by two electric motors. When they start, they take off just a little bit. They still touch the water but they are using little energy because the friction with water is reduced by 40%, and they just need to go to their pier to load thanks to solar panels and underwater turbines, so this is a very ecological means of transport.


Alain Thébault, the inventor of the “bubble”, wanted it to be affordable, so it may be cheaper than a normal taxi. The construction of the prototype started in October, and those new vehicles will arrive next spring on the Seine. They are supposed to make you cross Paris in 15 minutes. This is a great innovation that would save Parisians from the traffic, and will not pollute the city; moreover, it will probably be a nice means of transports for tourists. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris declared “Presumably in March, I will get into a Sea Bubble. I know how to swim, but I am confident.”