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Cop 21

November 23, 2015

COP 21

From November 30 2015 to December 11 2015 will stand in Paris the 21th meeting for the protection of the environment. This meeting is one of the most important since the Copenhagen summit in 2009, the COP15. Unfortunately 2009 was a fail for the countries who ratified the charter. This meeting put 192 countries together but six years later only a few respected the charter they signed – only 56 countries -which contributed to the fail. Copenhagen was based on the idea of reducing the emission of greenhouse gas and stop the warming of the earth to the full of 2°C. The charter was also signed in order to help the Southern countries with a help of $100 billion given by the Northern countries. After this failure, we can consider that the COP 21 in Paris is based upon the same ideas which is very disappointing for the ecologists and so for the Earth obviously.

Firstly, the financial assistance proposed by the charter of Copenhagen is really questionable in the current economic slump we are facing. Our President M. Francois Hollande proposed another time in Paris, in his country to give that money, but how could he manage to do this with an almost 100% debt of the GPD? That part of the charter brought many uprising in the financial world. However, this financial assistance is essential to the Southern countries because they will certainly have to readjust their infrastrctures because of rising waters in the Indian Ocean.

Secondly the charter of the COP 21 demands the countries who signed it to limit the greenhouse gas as in 2009 and also limit the warming of the earth to 2°C. A month after these propositions, we can already predict failure  because we are currently approximately at 2.2 or 2.5°C. The more we consume energies (those we have left) the more the earth is warming which is very dangerous for the Southern people. The charter has been signed by almost 80% of the most powerful countries and the poorest countries too. But the charter has not been signed by the oil-producing countries such as Qatar or The Arab countries and the oil owners. However, this is not really surprising because those countries would have to reduce their carbon monoxide emission, reduce the pollution created by the refining of raw material, and so would have to slash on their profits which is inconceivable for those countries.

Finally, following the tragic events on November  13 in Paris, it is possible to imagine that, albeit security will be insured by all the governments, it will be even more difficult to think and implement measures for the earth with the current French insanity provoked by some extremists in the capital. I am sadly convinced that because of the current mentalities and the current events the twenty first edition of the worldwide summit for the earth is likely to be a failure like in Copenhagen in 2009


The 1ère L react to the Paris attacks

November 19, 2015

special guests: 1ereL spé

Here is the poster created by the 1L following the terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015.

panneau1Lspe (1)


Monday morning. In our class of 1ère L, everyone sits in silence. No one knows what to say, and the few words escaping our mouths are whispered greetings. So we sit there, wondering what to do and what not to do. Something’s sure though, we’re not in the mood to work.

Our literature teacher asks us if we’d like to do something to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks. And suddenly it clicked. We all wanted to express ourselves, but with something different from a speech.

We all agreed on making a poster. We drew the “oh-so-famous peace and love” Paris logo made by Jean Julien in the center, wrote “Pray for Paris” at the top and “and for the world” at the bottom. The poster is harbouring four quotes at each of its corner.

You can notice our names on either side of the drawing. It’s because we want to show everyone participated; this poster is a great way to express how proud we are of our country and how much we think about all the people who died in the attacks of the 13th November.

“When the city of lights goes dark, the rest of the world lights up for them”. This is the first quote we put on our board. The aftermath of the attacks was not only hundreds of victims, but also millions of shocked people, especially in France. The support the whole world showed to the French population warmed our hearts , and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Making this board enabled us to put our thoughts into a physical object. In my opinion, it solaced us all. 

Ariane and Mathilde:

A lot of High School Students mobilized to show their support to Paris. They created a giant Eiffel Tower in a peace and love logo. They sent their pictures to a famous radio presenter named Cauet. He shared the pictures with a photomontage :

Image 1

Their action is very beautiful and moving. It’s impressive to see all the people who create a kind of human Eiffel Tower in tribute to the victims of the Friday night’s attempts in Paris.

Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

A lot of celebrities paid tribute to the victims of Paris’ attacks like Madonna who sang “La vie en rose” (Edith Piaf) in French and made a silent minute in the concert hall.


Justin Bieber also paid tribute to the victims, including one of his producers Thomas. He observed a minute’s silence  too

Justin Bieber:justin bieber

Finally, Coldplay sang the song “Imagine” (John Lennon) it was very moving.


Those celebrities were compassionate and wanted to show their support to Paris. We can say that it’s a solidarity move.

Agathe and Manon :

John Oliver talks about the terrorist attacks in France on 13 November with a lot of irony and colloquial language. Anyone is able to talk about terrorist as “fucking guys” but he did it… in front of the American TV.

John Oliver reacts to the attacks

Céline and Loane:

petit garçon reagit aux attentats - petit journal

Clémence and Jeanne:

Here is what Victor Hugo said in the collection “Actes et Paroles” in 1876 after the French-German War :

” Quel est mon devoir ? C’est le vôtre, c’est celui de tous.
Défendre Paris, garder Paris.

Sauver Paris, c’est plus que sauver la France, c’est sauver le monde.
Paris est le centre même de l’humanité. Paris est la ville sacrée.
Qui attaque Paris attaque en masse tout le genre humain.

Paris est la capitale de la civilisation, qui n’est ni un royaume, ni un empire, et qui est le genre humain tout entier dans son passé et dans son avenir. Et savez-vous pourquoi Paris est la ville de la civilisation ? C’est parce que Paris est la ville de la révolution.

Qu’une telle ville, qu’un tel chef-lieu, qu’un tel foyer de lumière, qu’un tel centre des esprits, des cœurs et des âmes, qu’un tel cerveau de la pensée universelle puisse être violé, brisé, pris d’assaut, par qui ? par une invasion sauvage ? cela ne se peut. Cela ne sera pas. Jamais, jamais, jamais !

Citoyens, Paris triomphera, parce qu’il représente l’idée humaine et parce qu’il représente l’instinct populaire.
L’instinct du peuple est toujours d’accord avec l’idéal de la civilisation.
Paris triomphera, mais à une condition : c’est que vous, moi, nous tous qui sommes ici, nous ne serons qu’une seule âme ; c’est que nous ne serons qu’un seul soldat et un seul citoyen, un seul citoyen pour aimer Paris, un seul soldat pour le défendre.

À cette condition, d’une part la république (démocratie ), d’autre part le peuple unanime, Paris triomphera.

Je ne vous demande qu’une chose, l’union !
Par l’union, vous vaincrez.

Étouffez toutes les haines, éloignez tous les ressentiments, soyez unis, vous serez invincibles.
Serrons-nous tous autour de la république en face de l’invasion, et soyons frères. Nous vaincrons.
C’est par la fraternité qu’on sauve la liberté.

Paris vous combattra avec toute la majesté formidable de sa gloire et de son deuil. Paris, menacé de ce viol brutal, peut devenir effrayant ».

This text proves that literature is timeless.


” Vous n’aurez pas ma haine”

Vendredi soir vous avez volé la vie d’un être d’exception, l’amour de ma vie, la mère de mon fils mais vous n’aurez pas ma haine. Je ne sais pas qui vous êtes et je ne veux pas le savoir, vous êtes des âmes mortes. Si ce Dieu pour lequel vous tuez aveuglément nous a fait à son image, chaque balle dans le corps de ma femme aura été une blessure dans son coeur.

Alors non je ne vous ferai pas ce cadeau de vous haïr. Vous l’avez bien cherché pourtant mais répondre à la haine par la colère ce serait céder à la même ignorance qui a fait de vous ce que vous êtes. Vous voulez que j’ai peur, que je regarde mes concitoyens avec un oeil méfiant, que je sacrifie ma liberté pour la sécurité. Perdu. Même joueur joue encore.

Je l’ai vue ce matin. Enfin, après des nuits et des jours d’attente. Elle était aussi belle que lorsqu’elle est partie ce vendredi soir, aussi belle que lorsque j’en suis tombé éperdument amoureux il y a plus de 12 ans. Bien sûr je suis dévasté par le chagrin, je vous concède cette petite victoire, mais elle sera de courte durée. Je sais qu’elle nous accompagnera chaque jour et que nous nous retrouverons dans ce paradis des âmes libres auquel vous n’aurez jamais accès.

Nous sommes deux, mon fils et moi, mais nous sommes plus fort que toutes les armées du monde. Je n’ai d’ailleurs pas plus de temps à vous consacrer, je dois rejoindre Melvil qui se réveille de sa sieste. Il y a 17 mois à peine, il va manger son goûter comme tous les jours, puis nous allons jouer comme tous les jours et toute sa vie ce petit garçon vous fera l’affront d’être heureux et libre. Car non, vous n’aurez pas sa haine non plus.

This letter shows that hope is timeless. This journalist expresses his shock in a letter in which he says that he lost his wife in the terrorist attacks of November 13th 2015 but he and his five-year-old son don’t have anger toward them. It’s useless to react to violence with violence, to anger with anger

I find that this letter is a lesson for the human beings who would like to react with violence because they are angry, they lost someone in their family, a friend …
When I read this letter,
it reminded me of the story of my flute teacher who lost her two best friends in the Bataclan. She was ten minutes away from the Bataclan when she received a dozen messages on her phone to tell her to stay home because there was a shooting.

I think that this letter is a good message for those who lost somebody in the attacks.

A touching text about France was written by an American ; it was published on The New York Times’ website on November 15th 2015:


Paris Attacks ; The world reacts

November 17, 2015

As you all know, the city of Paris, and the whole country of France experienced this weekend some terrorist attacks in six different places. The “City of Lights” immediately reacted by turning off the lights of The Eiffel Tower. The world supported the French Nation right away by enlightening their symbolic monuments with the colours of the French flag.

Firstly, we can notice that Jerusalem, Israel, denounced the terrorist attacks by enlightening their Wailing Wall with the French Flag.



Sydney, Australia, did the same: the enlightened  Sydney Opera House.



Here is the Shanghai reaction on the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower.



The United States was actually the first country to react to the terrorist attacks in Paris. They lit the Washington Square Arch in New-York, as we can see down bellow. But also the Empire State Building, The One Trade Center Tower, the San Francisco City Hall, and the Capitol.



And finally, London enlightened the London Eye, Tower Brige, but also the National Gallery.



Paris, turned the lights of the Eiffel Tower back on on Monday night with the French flag like the rest of the world.




Drawings which embody the whole world’s pain after the attacks

November 17, 2015

How to find the words today that could express our pain and sadness after what happened last Friday night ? A lot of emotions were shared on the media and lots of drawings were published. Sometimes words are meaningless and drawings can touch people directly and they can interpret them in their own way.


This one was made by Jean Julien known as Banksy. This is a reference to the famous peace symbol. Moreover, the Eiffel Tower in the center reminds us of which city was touched that is to say Paris.


This drawing represents the world’s unity which is something we appreciated a lot lately because for us it’s important to be united against terrorism.


This picture represents Marianne who has been a symbol of France since the French Revolution. The fact that she is crying blood tears shows that the values of the Republic have been mistreated. It seems like she is disappointed in how the world is changing in a negative way.


This is kind of a funny cartoon which shows that French girls are free and happy. They fought for their rights in the past and nowadays they are proud to know that, although terrorism is awful, they can still live and love. They are free to do what they want.


In this drawing, we can see a man who represents the French population who is painting a heart on the top of the Eiffel tower to show that love can make it where the words cannot. Furthermore we can say that there are the tree colours of the French flag.


This one represents the Eiffel Tower; the bottom of the monument is made of two hands. This reminds us of the hashtag #PrayForParis on twitter. Everyone is praying for a better day.


This drawing is very powerful and shows Marianne rising after having been hurt and fallen to her knees.

Alexandra and Sacha

Madeon : the little genius of electronic music

November 12, 2015

On 31st October, I had the chance to see the DJ Madeon in concert at Le Trianon in Paris. Maybe you don’t know him, but he is a huge star in America.


Madeon, real name Hugo Leclercq is a young DJ from Nantes in France. He launched into music very early when he was 11. Years after years, he acquired notoriety thanks to social media like soundcloud or Youtube. He started by doing remixes of famous songs. In 2011, at 16 years old, he published a remix named “Pop Culture” on Youtube composed of 39 hit songs. In 3 minutes, we can hear some Daft Punk, Madonna, Gossip or even Martin Solveig. His career really began with this song. Afterwards, he produced himself all around the world in Paris, London, New York, Toronto and Australia. Once this tour accomplished, he started creating his own music. His first song, “Icarus”, had a gigantic success and allowed him to be more popular. Thanks to it, he played in huge festivals such has Coachella in California. His second single, “Finale” was heard by Lady Gaga who decided to work with him for her third album “Artpop”. She said that he is a little genius that is promised to a great future. With this declaration, she took him under her wing and let him do her first parts in tour. At the beginning of 2015, at 20 years old, he actually released his first album “Adventure” that caused a stir. The most surprising with him is that he still lives in his parents’ house in Nantes. He explained on the TV show Le Grand Journal that he liked to come back home to remain down-to-earth. He knows that what he lives isn’t the real life.


His show on Halloween night at the Trianon was absolutly stunning. Even though I don’t really enjoy DJ’s music, I always found his work different. He started with one of his biggest hits “You’re On” that brought an incredible hysteria into the concert hall. Everybody was singing and dancing along as if nothing mattered anymore. He kept on by playing and remixing his album and every song was better than the previous one. We had the impression that the time officially stopped. His energy on stage was very catching. It was nearly impossible to stay immobile on our chairs. Moreover, the graphics we could see behind him during the show were practically all made by himself. The concert lasted 1h15 and it was too short ! Nevertheless, his kindness on stage was really touching and gave us even more the desire to enjoy the show as much as possible. Every one was asking for more but all  good things have an end… Few days later, he said on social media that it was the best show he had ever done.

For the ones who would like to see him, he will play again at Le Trianon on 28 November ! So see you there !


The lady of the Camellias made by Verdi

November 11, 2015


The Traviata, also called The Lady of the Camellias, is an opera realized by Verdi, in 1852. It was originally named Violetta because of the name of the main character.
It was first performed on  6  March in 1853 in the La Fenice opera house in Venice.

Before telling you the story, I can tell you that famous singers such as Maria Callas played the role of Violetta and Renata Scotto or more recently Anna Netrebko.

Regarding the story, in the first act, Violetta Valéry, organized a party in her mansion; she is a famous courtesane and that’s why she has lots of friends. During this party, she meets Alfredo Dumont and after all the guests left, it’s the famous  brindisi : « Libiamo ne’ lieti calici »; literally speaking  brindisi means song to drink. And just after that Alfredo declares his love to Violetta; she is tempted by hoping real love but she rejects this unrealistic perspective. When she is alone, she sings the famous song which ends the first act, “E strano…Ah, fors’è lui .. Follie, Follie!”

In the second act, Alfredo and Violetta live the perfect love but Alfredo hears from Annina, Violetta’s maid , that she has to sell all her furniture because she needs money so he wants to help her.

When she is alone, Alfredo’s father, Mr. Germont comes to see Violetta and he talks with her about her union with his son. He says to her that their union is immoral and that it can cause damage to his daughter’s union with a really rich man. He also accuses her of forcing Alfredo to spend money for her. He adds that a union of two persons coming from different social backgrounds cannot end with a successful marriage. In fact he asks her to renounce this union with his son.  Violetta accepts what he asks her to do and writes him a break-up letter. Afterwards, she goes to the party of her friend Flora in Paris.

But Alfredo also goes to the same party and after winning the game  with his friend he throws up his money in front of Violetta. At the same moment his father appears to condemn his action.

Finally in the third act, Violetta’s health gets worse and worse, so she is cured by Anina in her flat which is invigilated by her creditors. She rereads Alfredo’s father’s letter in which he explains that he told all the story to his son and the fact that Alfredo will come to see her soon.  While outside rings the enjoyment of the carnival, Violetta turns her back to her past of sinner, while waiting for the return of Alfredo, the man whom she has never stopped loving . But at the moment he arrives, she dies in his arms, in her first real moment of  happiness.

I went to see this opera outside in the Invalids’ court and it was staged by Arielle Dombasle so it was very modern. The violinist of the orchestra was Anne Gravoin, Manuel Vall’s wife.

My mother has been used to taking me to watch Operas so I’ve learnt how to appreciate them, and despite what most  people think – that is opera is really boring and unfathomable for children –  I think opera is a way to link different arts like music, and dancing. If we are open-minded and a little bit focused on what is happening it is accessible to anyone. I think it’s a really enriching experience for all and that everyone deserves to live at least once in a lifetime.

To conclude, it was really interesting to see an Opera in these conditions if we forget the fact that it was very cold  that night and that the next day I went to school at eight.


Fashion capitals – Paris the oldest one

November 10, 2015


Last October took place the Paris Fashion week, and being very much interested in this world, I’ve decided to explore a little this world of fashion. Here is what I found out:

Paris is arguably the oldest and most reputable fashion city in the world, with its designer frocks dating as far back as the 18th century. A couple hundred years later, New York City, Milan and London joined the prestigious short list of fashion leaders. They are internationally recognised for having a unique and strong identity. Parisians have the most experience in haute couture. Couturier houses were first established in the city in 1858. The world’s best designers have always operated from Paris. It is currently home to the headquarters of Rochas, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Chloe, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermès and Lanvin.

Coco Chanel

First of all, the little black dress was invented in Paris by Coco Chanel in the 1920s. It is now considered as an essential element of any woman’s wardrobe. Moreover, Paris provides the ultimate dose in high-end fashion. In an area bordered by the Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue Marceau, visitors can find the world’s top design houses.  Furthermore,  Paris retains a powerful fashion trade union known as the Fédération française de la couture. Created in 1973, the Federation is dedicated to protecting French fashion and consists of three entities – the trade union of high fashion, the trade union of men’s fashion, and the trade union of women’s fashion.  Nevertheless, the bikini was invented in Paris by the French automobile engineer Louis Réard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in 1946. This embodies French styles in simplicity.

Secondly, Paris is home to the world’s foremost fashion school called Ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne and to the concept of haute couture. Though it originally referred to Englishman-in-Paris Charles Frederick Worth’s work, the term has become a ‘protected name’ in France, meaning that it can only be used by companies that meet certain well-regulated standards. Plus, some of the most stylish people on the planet were born in Paris, like Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve,  Jeanne Moreau, Léa Seydoux, Sophie Marceau, Isabelle Adjani, Luc Besson, Emma Watson, …


Paris Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held biannually in Paris, France with spring/summer and autumn/winter events held each year. Dates are determined by the French Fashion Federation. Currently, the Fashion Week is held in the Carroussel du Louvres. Paris Fashion Week is part of the global “Big 4” fashion weeks, the others being London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week. The schedule begins with New York, followed by London, and then Milan and ends in Paris. It is a huge thing that is related by the medias. Paris fashion week helps dictate what the world will be wearing next season. For these, and plenty of other reasons, Paris can still rightly claim its title of world fashion capital.



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