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Korean food, a tasty adventure

November 10, 2018

Let’s talk honestly, we all love food. That’s a fact, so many countries have their own delicious meals and their traditions about it. It’s part of culture. Pizza from Italy, Fish and chips from England, Hamburgers from the United States or Sushi from Japan ; humans are creative when they talk about something to put in their mouths. Sometimes that can be too strange for us; to tell the truth I didn’t try to eat this scorpio on this skewer in China. I presented in another article Seoul, now I want to introduce you more specifically Korean food.

First of all, what are the basic ingredients in Korean food ? Kimchi, this  is for Korean people just as  bread for French people: you can find it everywhere and you will eat it every time. It’s a chili fermented cabbage and they eat it with algaes and some little fish as appetizer. Beware, kimchi can be really spicy ! After that, have in mind that South Korea is surrended by oceans, so seafood and fish are really cheap and fresh and there are many ways to appreciate them. And of course, rice and noodles.

Traditional Korean food is definitly something you have to try. Meals are really healthy and full of tastes. In general you will have meat or fish, with that, of course, rice or noodles and to finish vegetables or a soup. Some examples : foreigners really like Bibimbap which is a bowl of mixed rice with meat and vegetables ; my personal favorite is japchae that’s sweet potato noodles with a soy sauce, vegetables and sometimes beef.

The Korean BBQ and fried chicken are the most popular food in South Korea. Meat is one of the favorite dishes in all countries of this world ; so Korean BBQ, where you can eat all the meat you want for the same price at the end, is one of the best. And fried chicken is a favorite in South Korea, there aremany different flavours to try. I know that can be suprising but Korean fruit flavors fried chicken aren’t that bad. My favorite is the strawberry one.

If that’s not your thing to eat in restaurant, don’t worry. In South Korea it’s part of the culinary culture to eat in the streets, but that’s more for big cities like Seoul. Go to Nandemun market and you’ll find alleys of street food : such as mandu, jeon, hot dogs, Mungbean Pancakes, Tteokbokki and a million other things. You can aslo find travelling salesmen of street food in popular and young districs just as Myeongdong. Don’t worry if you are hungry in Seoul the solution is in the street!

And what about snacks ? Let’s start with salty flavors. They love crispy things such as crisps, obviously. You already know now that flavors can be weird in Korea. Of course there are traditional ones like : cheese, onion, chicken or hot spicy flavors ; but there are also honey milk or banana. For sweet snacks now, Korean usually prefer little sponge cakes rather than crispy cookies, they are made with cream and a topping of different flavors, chocolate and strawberry are my favorite. Candies can taste anything : caramel, milk, peanut butter.

Last but not least, let’s talk about my favorite part of this article : Café. Such a concept ! If you want to have a break, to eat something sweet, or just to take an amazing picture for your instagram account, go to a Café. You can’t imagine how important the aesthetic and the atmosphere are. It’s not just a Café, it’s truly an adventure. If you are a cat lover there are cafés for you to enjoy your coffee with them ; if you are a great swimmer there is also a café for you, I’m not joking. If you are a real hipster who wants to eat a cake in a tin can in a summer vibe atmosphere there is a café for you.

I’ll just let you eat something in peace, because I can guess you’re really hungry now. And I hope that one day you’ll be able to try some Korean food.




November 8, 2018

Prince was born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, dancer, and performer on keyboards, drums, and bass, he was among the most talented American musicians of his generation. Mirrored by correspondingly intense music, Prince’s lyrics often address sexuality and desire with frankness and imagination. His music was and still is outstandingly amazing. Prince was really controversed because of his skin color, his height and also because of his clothes on stage. (I obviously can’t show you because he his often butt naked…) He intended to shock, by his style, and music. Indeed, his music is pretty sensual and sexual. So you can imagine that it was not appreciated by everyone (especially church people).

But Prince extolled tolerance; black, white, fat, skinny, tall, small. Everybody is beautiful and even sexy for him, and this is the message he is sending in his songs.

Some of my favorite titles :

  • Prince & The New Power Generation – Gett Off

  • Prince & The New Power Generation – Cream

Prince was not short of nicknames and aliases: across his career, he’s been known as The Kid, The Purple Purv, The Minneapolis Midget, Alexander Nevermind, Christopher Tracy and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. His real name was Prince Rogers Nelson and when he was a kid he was known as Skipper.

You know you’ve made it when you have your very own Wikipedia spin-off site. Princepedia was created by fans a few years ago and remains a popular resource among Prince devotees.

Prince wrote his first ever song aged 7. It was called ‘Funk Machine’. Naturally.
He was already cooler than any of us.

He died on April 21st 2016 of an accidental overdose leaving behind devastated behind. A posthumous album is supposed to be released. I’ll keep track of the date!



Frederic Beigbeder Aka God

October 30, 2018

Beigbeder was born into a privileged family in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine. His mother, Christine de Chasteigner, is a translator of mawkish novels (Barbara Cartland et al.); his brother is Charles Beigbeder, a businessman. He studied at the Lycée Montaigne and Louis-le-Grand, and later at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and the CELSA Paris-Sorbonne. Upon graduation at the age of 24, he began work as a copywriter in Young & Rubicam, then as an author, broadcaster, publisher, and dilettante.

In 1994, Beigbeder founded the “Prix de Flore”, which takes its name from the famous and plush Café de Flore in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The prize is awarded annually to a promising young French author. Vincent Ravalec, Jacques A. Bertrand, Michel Houellebecq are among those who have won the prize. In 2004, the tenth anniversary of the prize, it was awarded to the only American to ever receive it, Bruce Benderson. Three of Beigbeder’s novels, 99 FrancsL’amour dure trois ans and Windows on the World, have been or will be adapted for the cinema. The film of Windows on the World will be directed by the French/English director Max Pugh.

In 2002, he presented the TV talk show “Hypershow” on French channel Canal +, co-presented with Jonathan Lambert, Sabine Crossen and Henda. That year he also advised French Communist Party candidate Robert Hue in the presidential election.

In 2005, he was, with other authors such as Alain Decaux, Richard Millet and Jean-Pierre Thiollet, one of the Beirut Book Fair’s guests in the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center, commonly called BIEL.

He worked for a few years as an editor for Flammarion. He left Flammarion in 2006.

His novel Un Roman Français was awarded the Prix Renaudot in November 2009.

He has been writing columns in Le Figaro Magazine since 2010.

He is a drug addict, especially cocaine. He even wrote “Nouvelles sous extasy”. He is really HUMAN. In his books he is really derogatory and pessimistic. But for him there seems to remain a little hope even if the world is messed up. He also worked in a lot of different areas so he can relate to a lot of human reactions.  He is an average human and he claims it even though he seems to hate everything about it. He loves sex, he loves love, he loves hate, he loves drugs, violence, truth.

I think alongside with Stephen King he is the best writer alive. Or dead. You just love him as a writer and as a character in his books. He is everything you love and you despise in the world. He is YOU, HER, HIM, THEM.

Read him.

Clara Tricomi

Apple and the FBI

October 22, 2018

On December 2, 2015, a terrorist attack was commited in San Bernardino, California. Two men attempted to plant bombs in the Inland Regional Center, and killed 14 people; the terrorists were finally shot down. One of them had an iPhone 5C on him at the moment of the attack, so the FBI collected it to try to access the device in order to collect some intel and go further in the investigation. Of course, the smartphone was secured by a 4 digit code.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO

The NSA (National Security Agency) said they would crack the iPhone, so they had the idea to use a technique called “brute force”. This technique consists in trying every possible combination until finding the right one that will unlock the smartphone. However, it was impossible to unlock the device this way without losing the data, because the iPhone would reset itself after 50 failed combinations. The FBI then asked Apple to collaborate by providing a software that could unlock the device without erasing the data from it.

Even if Apple is capable of creating such a software, Tim Cook refused to do that because he considered this solution very dangerous; he explained that this software could be a universal key for every iPhone in the world. Apple would violate its privacy policy by providing this kind of “backdoor” to the government, and in the worst case, some hackers could manage to steal it.

Some tensions emerged to the extent that the FBI wanted to sue Apple for that. Later they decided to use a third party organisation composed of extremely qualified hackers. Some rumors have it that the FBI spent more than a million dollars on this case. They finally managed to access the iPhone without finding any useful information for the investigation, and the way the organisation used to crack the device remains a secret…

If I mention this case it is because another similar appeared a year ago, still with Apple. Both cases led to heated debate regarding Apple’s attitude. Some approved of their refusal to break their customers’ privacy while others denounced Apple’s lack of cooperation and their outrageous prices, deeming them too selfish.

Political cartoon for Los Angeles Sentinel


Etam Live Show 2018 Edition

October 18, 2018

In this time of Fashion Week, that is to say an event which aims at presenting fahion designer’s new clothes collection twice a year, mostly in the famous and big towns that are Paris, Milan, New-York and London, there is one special event that has only happened in France for 11 years. This one show is only based on the presentation of the brand Etam’s French lingerie and is called the Etam Live Show. Back on this year’s edition.

Broadcast on the French channel W9 on 25 September 2018, the show which took place in the Beaux-Arts was divided in 5 parts, each one led by a feminist artist singing one of her songs. The different artists present this year were Zara Larsson, IAMDDB, Jain, Jorja Smith and the final and the prestigious Cardi B, who incredibly performed to close the show with her two most famous songs “Bodak Yellow” and “I like it”.

The different steps of the runway were held by no less than 80 models. The show was inspired by 5 things ; first sportswear, then happy western, futurist atmoshpere, sailors, and finally strass and glitters. Each of the underwears were accessorized with big hats, kind of little bags etc.. And of course, many colored lights were going with the music and the amazing and graceful walking of Constance Jablonski, Joan Smalls and others.

There you can have a look on each performance if you’re curious..


For my part, I can’t wait to see other Fashion Week’s events like this one..


Gustave Klimt

October 15, 2018

Born in 1862, Austrian painter Gustav Klimt became known for the highly decorative style and erotic nature of his works, which were seen as a rebellion against the traditional academic art of his time. His most famous paintings are The Kiss and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.  Gustav Klimt was born in the outskirts of Vienna, Austria, on July 14, 1862. His father, Ernst, was a struggling gold engraver who had immigrated to Vienna from Bohemia, and his mother, Anna, was musically talented, although she had never realized her dream of becoming a professional musician. Perhaps genetically predisposed to the arts, then, Klimt displayed a notable talent from an early age, and at 14 years old left his normal school to attend the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts on a full scholarship, no small matter considering both his youth and the relative poverty in which he had been raised.

But a family tragedy changed Klimt’s artistic outlook profoundly. Indeed in 1890, the Klimt brothers and the Matsch (his mother’s family) joined the Vienna Artists’ Association, a traditional group, which oversaw most of the city’s exhibitions, and the Company of Artists continued to flourish. Just one year later, however, everything changed when both Klimt’s father and his brother Ernst died; the responsibility for both their families falling to the artist as he battled with intense grief. Soon afterwards he ditched classicism in favour of a more personal aesthetic, with symbolist overtones and Art Nouveau ornamentalism.

In 1897, Klimt left the Vienna Artists’ Association and co-founded a new group, the Vienna Secession, which championed the work of young, non-traditional artists, from both Austria and abroad, working across a variety of styles. Under Klimt’s presidency, it would become the most influential group of the time. The painter continued his work with the Company of Artists, but when his dark and raunchy murals for the University of Vienna were deemed pornographic, and eventually refused display, he vowed never to undertake another public work.Did you know that many of his most brilliant paintings were burned?  As many as 14 of Klimt’s works were destroyed on May 8, 1945, when the Schloss Immendorf, a castle in a the small Austrian village of Immendorf that had been used as a safe storage space for looted and stolen art during the war, was burnt down by an SS unit. Among the most devastating losses were Klimt’s controversial paintings for the University of Vienna ceiling, now preserved solely through preparatory sketches and a number of photographs.

I am writing this on October 11th 2018. There is currently an exhibition at the Palais Des Lumières in Paris.

I went to see it because I love art. It isn’t a regular exhibit. There are not paintings hanging on the walls; every piece of art is projected in all the room; floor, ceiling, every wall. You are completely immersed which feels amazing and stirring. Basically, art is coming to you. You can sit with friends and still see every masterpiece. It is on till January 6th 2019.His most famous paintig is The Kiss. I’m sure you’ve already seen it. It incontrolably moves me.If you like art give it a go !


Seoul, the new Korean trend

October 12, 2018

When we talk about fancy, interesting destinations we all think about NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo… All those cities in developed countries have had a reputation for a long time; now, new countries like South Korea are opening to the world, as we can notice with the incredible show their offered us for the Olympic Games this year; and its capital has many things to impress you and make you fall in love with it. Let me introduce you Seoul.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, located in the north west of the country; this city is one of the most incredible I have ever visited. The surface is 605,2 km2, it has 25 municipal boroughs and counted 9,857 million citizens in 2018; this is the third most populated city in the world after Tokyo and Mexico. This city was built I century BC and has a really rich and interesting history.

The historical aspect of the Korean culture has not been rejected when the country started to be more international and that takes an important part in the charm of the city. The Gyeongbokgung royal palace is a majestic place to enjoy in the center of the capital. You can find a traditional temple near a modern building; that’s the kind of magic you can find in Seoul. For example the Hanok village, which is a reconsitution of a traditional old Korean village, is near the Namsan Tower which is one of the symbols of the power of South Korea.

More than that, as a modern capital, Seoul can offer you fantastic entertainments just as impressive concerts, advanced technology. This is Samsung’s country and they are World Champion of League of Legends, the famous video game. And it’s not lacking in delicious food, or huge malls to shop incredible things. You can find everything, everywhere. If you are a fashion victim Seoul is a place for you. Fashion is not a joke in this town. We recommand you MyeongDeong district and HongDae district to spend your money to be as stylish as a model of the Seoul Fashion week, event that you have to see.

The food is an important aspect of the trip, we all know that. Traditional Korean food can be found in places like Namdaemun Market, which is the biggest open air market of the city, where kimchi, hotteok, mandu or tteokbokki are delicious and very cheap.

Never forget that a simple coffee in Seoul can be a great adventure. We can recomand you to try Hello Kitty Café, Line Friends Café or Dog or Cat Café. My advice is to never hesitate to enter.

Korean culture is no longer a mystery. The country spreads it in the world thanks to K-pop and K-drama which are the musical and cinema industry of South Korea. Go out in the streets and ask if someone knows BTS or EXO. Of course someone does, those Korean boys’ bands are so famous that we can count their fans by millions worldwilde, and BTS won Billboard twice in 2017 and 2018.

To illustrate this article you can Watch this video :