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Desperate housewives

October 15, 2014


Desperate housewives is an American series directed by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry productions.

The story takes place in Wisteria Lane, a street of a fictional American town “Fairview” in the “Eagle state”. The whole series is seen through the eyes of Marie-Alice Young, a woman of the  neighbourhood. In the pilot episode, the latter introduces herself, then she commits suicide with a gun. The show follows the daily life of  the main characters  : Bree, Gabrielle, Susan and Lynette. The four are related because all of them are  suspicious and shocked by the sudden and unexpected suicide of their neighbour and friend.

In the second season, a new neighbour appears in Wisteria Lane : Betty Applewhite. She becomes the center of the mystery with her two sons ; Matthew and Caleb. Gabrielle Solis starts thinking about having a child and is faithful to Carlos. Susan has to face her ex-husband every day as he got engaged to Edie. Bree’s life is very rough : she has a big problem with alcohol, she is dating the man who tried to poison her husband, and on top of that she isn’t getting on well  with her son Andrew. Tom Scavo stays at home to be with the children whereas Lynette is getting back to work as she is tired of being at home the whole day.

In the third season, the main mystery is about a new character named Orson Hodge who got married to Bree; his past is very dark and mysterious. At the Scavo house, things are taut as Lynette discovers that he has a daughter.The latter moves in their house. Tom wants to open a pizzeria while his wife is against that idea. Mike has been run over by Orson and is getting out of a coma and he suffers from amnesia. Susan is desperate. Gabrielle and Carlos get divorced. We learn that the old neighbour Karen McCluskey hides something in her freezer. This season ends with the murder of two characters at the local grocery store…

In the fourth season, a new character moves or returns to Wisteria Lane as she has already lived there : Katherine Mayfair with her family. Gabrielle is having an affair with her ex-husband Carlos. Bree’s daughter is pregnant, so to cover the blame she fakes a pregnancy and sends her child out of town. Lynette learns that she has  cancer and decides to tell her friends about this. Lee and Bob are a new gay couple in the street. Something unexpected comes to Wisteria Lane which will change their lives forever : a tornado.

The fifth season starts with the apparition of Dave Williams, Edie’s new husband. He came here to get revenge on Mike as we learn later that the latter accidentally killed in a car accident his wife and daughter. In fact, Susan was driving but Mike took the responsibility on him.Gabrielle is desperate as she has to take care of a blind husband and two daughters. On top of that she is in a financial crisis. Edie dies in a car crash.

In the sixth season, the mystery is around new Italian neighbours : the Bolens. In this part, Gabrielle welcomes Carlos’s niece : Ana Solis. On her side, Bree is having an affair with Karl (Susan’s ex) but at the end he dies in a plane crash which makes Orson a disabled person.


The seventh season is showing Paul’s come back in the street with a new wife and a plan to punish all his ex-neighbours. Gabrielle and Carlos learn that one of their daughters was changed at birth. Susan and Mike are in money troubles so she is forced to do a job she would never imagine.

The eighth and final season is about Gabrielle’s perverted step-father who will unify all the ‘desperate housewives’ because of a secret they will share…

Why I liked it

I really liked the series because all the characters are endearing, we can see their transformations throughout the years and on top of that the suspense is maintained all the series long. My favourite season was the last one because of its plot.

Modern Times – Charlie Chaplin

October 14, 2014

Charlie Chaplin began shooting his movie Modern Times in 1935.

By the means of a comic movie, Chaplin bitterly criticizes the beginning of industrialisation in America. Charlot, a worker victim of the dictatorship created by the machines, will have to face misery, jail, to eventually, achieve his quest for happiness.

The principal characters are played by Chaplin himself, as Charlot, and Paulette Gaudard, a French actress and his third wife, as the Gamin.

Modern Times tells the story of Charlot, a worker in a production line, that has to submit to the Taylorist method.

Because of a nervous breakdown due to the assembly-line work, Charlot is sent to the hospital. When he gets out of it, he is unemployed.

Walking aimlessly in the town, and picking up a flag on the floor, he is arrested, mistaken for the leader of a strikers’ demonstration, and sent to prison.

In jail, he accidentaly swallows some drugs, that the guy next to him had put in the salt cellar in order not to get caught.

He prevents a few prisoners from evading, which first allows him to have a nice cell in jail, than permits him to be free.

Charlot is rapidly aware that his life was way better in jail. Even if the prison’s headmaster helps him find a new job, he is fired because of his clumsiness.

He then meets the Gamine, a poor orphan that walks the streets searching for food. For her, he finds a job as a night watchman. Together, they aspire to freedom and happiness, and part of that American dream is the love story between  the tramp and the gamine.

Charlot is then unjustly arrested as an accomplice of a burglary in the commercial center that he is working in.

When he gets out of prison, the Gamine finds him a job with her as a singer-waiter in a cabaret show.

But when the juvenile delinquency division breaks in the show to arrest the Gamine, they are forced to run away.

The movie ends with a happy final note, as we see the two lovers walking hand in hand with the hope for a brighter future.


Modern Times should have been Chaplin’s first talking movie, but in the end it was only a musical movie with different sort of sound effects.

This movie gives hope to the viewers as this historical period was not a happy one. Chaplin is one of the masters of the movie industry who managed to denounce terrible events or social crisis in a humorous way, thus making us aware of a situation while maintaining some hope in human nature.


Famous English speaking Youtubers

October 11, 2014

Today, I have decided to tackle a subject many teenagers are fond of : YouTube. More precisely, I want to talk about some famous youtubers you may or may not know yet. Each YouTuber (this is how people who frequently make videos are called) is specialized in a theme: video games, humor, beauty, DIY (do it yourself),… Every country has its most renowned  youtubers: even though I am keen on watching French videos, this article will be about English speaking  people.

I couldn’t have begun with someone else: Pew Die Pie is the most watched youtuber in the world. He was born in Sweden but now he  lives in England. He tries video games and comments on them. I haven’t watched many of his videos as I am not really fond of videogames but as far as I’m concerned he is very entertaining and  funny.


 I often spend hours online, just checking social networks and doing nothing productive. Even though they are often silly, funny videos always brighten my day and when I watch English ones I have the excuse of being listening to a foreign language, which helps me deal with conscience issues. Anyway, one youtuber who makes me laugh a lot is Connor Franta. He is a 21-year-old American who makes funny videos each week. His slogan is “Making Mondays a little more Frantastic” because obviously his videos come out each Monday . He is known for his personal videos but also for joining a group called “Our 2nd Life” which also makes videos about various subjects. One video I really enjoyed was “Birtish vs America: How we do it” : with the help of one of his British friends, Marcus Butler, he compares his American point of view to his friend’s ideas about the same subjects. They argue about driving on the left or on the right side of the car, drinking tea or getting coffee at Starbucks,… This video obviously made me laugh but it also taught me which stereotypes exist between England and the United States.


Connor’s friend, Marcus, has his own channel and also releases funny  videos  about a wide range of subjects. One of the videos I enjoyed the most was: “Things I don’t understand about girls”, and I recognized myself in many situations he talked about.

YouTube is a community where people who make videos meet each other and can become friends. This is what happened to Marcus and Zoe (known as Zoella) who are both among the most famous English youtubers. Zoella, although she is quite funny, makes “girly” videos. She does makeup tutorials, talks about clothes and often vlogs. A “vlog” is a video blog and is useful  for Internet Stars to share their personal  lives and their tastes with their subscribers. Zoella vlogs a lot, and she notably made a useful video about her anxiety issues. She has a brother, Joe, who also has a YouTube channel : “ThatcherJoe”. He does hilarious impressions and pranks his fellow YouTubers. He is one of my all time favourite YouTubers.


On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there are talented beauty youtubers too. Let’s take the example of Bethany Mota: she is 18 and has become a true star thanks to her videos which tackle makeup, style, and DIY’s. Recently, she confessed that she used to be bullied so much that she had to start homeschooling. This is far behind her: now, she has her own clothing line at Aeropostale (a famous Amercian clothing brand), as well as a decoration line and a perfume. Moreover, a few weeks ago, she started performing  in “Dancing with the Stars”  (obviously as the “Star”) which shows the influence of her YouTube videos.

bethany mota

Last but not least,I often check on Michelle Phan’s channel. She is, according to me, the most talented makeup artist on YouTube:I think  the looks she creates cannot always be worn in real life but they are truly breathtaking. Some of her videos tackle the well-being through themes like self-confidence. She has various talents and uses her influence to help charity.


A new phenomenon is appearing little by little on the internet: a few YouTubers have channels dedicated to reading: they read and tell what they think about  books, and help people discover stories they would not have heard of otherwise. A channel I am fond of is “vlog brothers” : the author of the best seller  The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, and his brother Hank react to books they have read. Not only are their reviews interesting, but they are also really funny.

I used to think that spending hours on the internet was pointless, but it helped me discover things I would not have heard of otherwise,  so I guess I will keep on “wasting my time'”!


The two faces of Ibiza

October 10, 2014

Everyone knows Ibiza, this little island situated at the north of Africa, in the Mediterranean Sea. But a lot of people don’t know the “two faces” of Ibiza. What comes to  mind are nightclubs, tattoos, electro  music in excess, naked girls on the beach and drugs. I discovered, 2 years ago and this summer for the second time, the second face of this island, a beautiful face.

At the core of Ibiza, you can see some beautiful and natural landscapes. The first village I visited is Santa Gertrudis. This beautiful local hamlet  is situated at the center of Ibiza and looks like the perfect Spanish place. Little white houses, one typical church on the only square of the village, few restaurants where people like to chill out at the end of a perfect day, in front of a beautiful sunset. At the end of the day,my parents, my brothers and I ate some delicious and fresh dishes, made by my father, in the garden of the house, surrounded by the nature.

ibiza 2

The second week of my trip in Ibiza, I was in San Joan, in a typical house, completly lost in the moutains ( we had to cross the moutain for thirty minutes to go back to our house…). Each afternoon, we went to a different beach. The one which left its mark on my mind is Cala Salada. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Water is transparent and turquoise, to the point where we could see a lot of superb coloured fishes. There are huge cliffs of rock which flowed in the water and the sun never disappeared. In Ibiza, a lot of beaches could be considered as “historical places” because in the 60’s, hippies and celebrities gathered to enjoy life.


The third (and last ) week of my trip, I was in the south of the island, in Eivissa. This part of the island perfectly corresponds to the common idea of Ibiza. Techno music everywhere, huge boats  with people partying, men and women selling some nightclub tickets in the street. But even this “face” of Ibiza can welcome a family: I was with my parents, my little brothers, my grand parents, my cousins etc… I went to the most known nightclub of Ibiza : The Amnesia.


It was very funy because my cousin and I were with our parents but they left the Amnesia at 3:00am (it is hard to grow old). This week was a bit more exhausting but it was, again, a beautiful trip which left me a lot of  beautiful memories.



October 9, 2014

Recently, the new Luc Besson film has been released: Lucy. Scarlett Johansson is amazing from the girl next door at the very beginning of the movie to a kind of superhero, who evolves and gets smarter and stronger along the movie.


The movie starts in medias res. We arrive in front of a hotel in Shangai. Lucy the main character is in charge of carrying a suitcase to a man. Things are not happening as they were supposed to. She is taken and a bag of drug, that is going to break, is implanted in her stomach. This substance spreads in her body increasing the capacity of her brain. This makes her the smartest women ever. Her knowledge is endless, she can even control matter, waves, or people. We are transported from China to Paris with a  cleverer and cleverer woman, crazy situations and simple characters stressing the importance of Lucy.

This movie is a condense of sci-fi, beautiful images, reflection on our human condition and on our knowledge. This movie , even if sometimes you really don’t understand some choices of the screenwriter, forces you to have a reflection on what you know, life in general and human capacity. I really love the movie; it’s really original and interesting. The actors are great ( Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson mostly).

Curious people , GO !


PS : I love you

October 8, 2014

Ps : I love you is a romantic movie directed by Richard LaGravenese, adapted from the successfully written book, by Cecelia Ahern. The movie is about how to deal with the grief of losing someone important.

ps I love you

 Holly, a beautiful woman, and Gerry, a passionate and funny Irishman, are a happy married couple.

They have to face every day trouble such as living together in Manhattan, having children or not, and how to spend money, but they are ready to face dificulties because they love each other.

But when Gerry dies of a brain tumor, Holly is not so sure of what her future holds in store for her. She becomes depressed, not wanting to see her family and friends anymore, staying in her apartment, listening to her husband’s voicemail again and again, crying herself to sleep every night.

On her 30th birthday, she receives  a cake and an audio recording of her husband’s voice, telling her she has to move on, and that he is going to help her by the means of letters that he wrote when he was still alive, knowing that his dear wife would not be able to overcome his death without his own help.

She starts a kind of grief-trip to Ireland, organised by her dead husband, that helps her meet new people, see her friends again, and finally be happy again despite her loss.

” So now, all alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too. “

 Despite being a comedy, the director succeeded in making  the viewers cry as hard as he makes them laugh. I was really moved by it and I strongly recommend it. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I wish to read the book by Cecilia Ahern to see if we get as emotional on reading it.


Cara Delevingne and her Mulberry’s bags collection

October 7, 2014

The well-known model Cara Delevingne aged  22 years old has recently created a very original collection of removable bags for Mulberry.

Mulberry is a fashion company founded in England in 1971, known internationally for its leather goods, in particular women’s handbags. The company was founded in 1971 by Roger Saul and his mother Joan. In 1973 they opened a factory in England. Mulberry established itself as a British lifestyle brand, famed for its leather bags. The director of the company is Godfrey Davis who succeeded  the Frenchman Bruno Guillon on March 21 2014.

Cara Delevingne has been the muse of the brand since 2013, she has a good feeling with people  working  for Mulberry.


She has worked closely with Mulberry’s design team to create the collection of bags. The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection comprises three-in-one style bags that transform to suit the user’s need. It is a new vision of the bag, a revolution for women which reconciles their careers and their private lives. The active woman has finally found her life’s partner ! It can be worn on the back for running from the gym to the office, from meeting to meeting or even from train to plane. It can also be worn on the shoulder to take from work to dinner or from town to country. Lastly the bag can  also be hand-held for a maximum of elegance at all times.

2000Wx2000H_HH2799_196U130_4 2000Wx2000H_HH2799_196U130_5 2000Wx2000H_HH2799_196U130_6














Mulberry and Cara offer to the fair sex an ample choice of bags in every way : the collection includes different colors of bags like blue indigo, green, black, burgundy, taupe and camouflage pattern. So very colourful and elegant bags with autumnal hues. They offer also to the female public different sizes : small, normal and large bags according to the wishes of the clientele.

Mulberry has released a video following Cara‘s journey to create her collection. We can see that Cara was very involved in the design process, we see her sitting in front of a sewing machine at Mulberry‘s flagship factory in Somerset. Cara talks about her inspiration for the collection, she said that above all bags “need to match your lifestyle”. Moreover she said : “I grew into fashion and it became part of my life. At school my friends had handbags and I always used mine more like a sack and it had holes in it, it was never good, never practical. When I got my first Mulberry handbag it worked but I needed more practicality”. She explains that she needed a bag for all her different hobbies. She has created the perfect holdall bag  for daily life and for all women in the world.

You can find the Cara Delevingne bags in this website :



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